Saturday, December 29, 2007

Too Many things to Share!

You know, when a person doesn't have to take eight hours (well, that's being nice, it's 10 in reality isn't it with the drive to and from) out of every day to work, well a lot can be accomplished! So, this weekend will have two posts, one for spinning and miscellaneous (which is today's post) and tomorrow will update you on the knitting front. M'Kay??

So Santa was cool and did bring my laceweight flyer for the Rose wheel! And look what I can do with it:
Are those colors to dye for or what? This was from Black bunny Fibers - one of my favorite dyers out there! I noticed when you open this picture you can see that I have tried to use a washer to reduce the noise from the bobbin movement clacking against the shaft thingy, it kind of works, but it is no where near where my Tina II is in the quiet department. Anyone have any ideas on this? All of my bobbins for the Rose do this and it makes me crazy!!!

Anyway, another Favorite is dyer of mine is Spunky Eclectic and I'm on her monthly fiber club and I am constantly behind, but, here is Goblin, from October:

These are both a lot of fun to spin, Goblin is Romney and Pinks is Corriedale. I have no idea what they will become. I was originally going to use the pink corriedale for the mittens for RoLynn's PIF but I decided in the end that it was really screaming pink and I don't think that is what she would like, so I looked and looked, but I wasn't happy with anything I found.

So, what's a girl to do? Well, I could dye it myself! So here is that experiment:

Well, that looks pretty unexciting doesn't it? But look! All the dye exhausted and everything! Well, let me tell ya, that what it looks like out of the pot is awesome:

So, as you can see I have been having a blast this week, I only wish I could afford to do this on a full time basis. . . soon, maybe.

On another note, look what happens when you start cleaning up, I started these in 1996 when I was totally into needlework, and all that needed finishing was the top to be sewn closed. Good Lord, what is my problem? Ok, so here is Bryan's:

And now Caryn's:
Guess I will put those away this year. I still think they are pretty cool.


Marmee said...

Isn't spinning wonderful? I got an opportunity to ply 2 more bobbins of the beautiful black Ashley got me for my birthday. I probably only have about one more pound left, then it is on to knitting my first sweater for little ol' me! Your spinning looks luscious and so does your dyeing. I just love it.
Keep up the great work!

Melanie said...

You are having too much fun and are making me jealous! Love the stockings and the dye job is a huge success.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, the singles look great as does Caryn sweater, the Kai and the gorgeous gloves. I do have a beef with you. You have totally freaked me out and thrown me off my routine. Now I will never know if you have updated besides Sunday. After all those weeks of checking every couple of days and you said it ain't gonna happen. Is there any truth out there?

klcr2000 said...

I love love the pink yarn! It's to DYE for... hahaha Seriously, great job.

Love those mittens for Caryn too..


Lynne said...

Spinning, dyeing, knitting and needlework - you really are into the fibre arts aren't you? You sound a lot like me!! LOL
[except I don't spin]

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The yarn I used for Clapotis was a handpainted 8ply/DK New Zealand wool from the Montage Collection in a colourway called 'Lavender'.