Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thoughts about PIF and the Holidays -

Hi guys! Well, the response to my Pay It Forward was underwhelming to say the least. I have one person, RoLynn, who is going to participate with me, but I still have two openings left!

So, what does that mean? I can't knit or spin worth a flip and no one wants my handmade gifts? In my heart, I don't feel that way, so please say it ain't so - Joe! Or is everyone too busy to respond? Has Ravelry completely taken away all of the fun of blogging? I love Ravelry, but it's sad that this forum seems to be lagging now. I know, I know, there is only so much computer time (or there should be) but, it's still sad.

With all of that being said I will leave those two spots open until they are filled, if and when anyone else wants to participate in making other knitters/spinners/crocheters happy in their own way in the future.

On the knitting spinning front here at Chez Potere, all I can say is this guy:is seriously getting in my way of my leisurely pursuits! We did a lot of shopping yesterday, and then put up the tree. That Santa above is my absolute favorite ornament. I have my tree complete in Santa's and angels now, since we have moved to a smaller tree. Here are a couple more of my favorites:
I got this one in work exchange years, and years ago! And now to see the complete opposite version:
Isn't he fun?! I may have shown you guys this before, but here are Caryn and Bryan's stockings: One Angel:and one Santa:to prove to you that I have been knitting here are Caryn's sleeves:
I do believe the sweater will be finished next week! Yeah!


Marmee said...

Gorgeous ornaments. I think your handwork on those stockings is awesome, so intricate.
Caryn's sleeves are looking great and the sweater will be a knockout!!
Don't worry, you have one more participant in your PIF than I do, LOL!!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Caryn's sleeves are beautiful. Hope she likes 'em. And yes, the ornaments are lovely. I can't do the PIF because I did that a while ago and still haven't sent my PIF pals anything. Gosh to do it again?

Ashley said...

June, you look like you have been busy on those sleeves! They're looking gorgeous! I would love to join in on your PIF, is it "legal" to have more than one person per household? ;) Your stocking are beautiful too, so intricate! You are so talented.

Fancy Pants said...

Alright, since this is the second time I've seen the PIF idea not go as well as hoped for, I'm taking it as a sign that I should participate. I will be in your PIF and I do solemnly swear to pay it forward to three random people who comment on my blog. I'm in! And I'll see what I can do to drum up some more interest in it. I hope you are having a beautiful day. I can't wait to see the full view of your tree, btw.