Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don'tcha just love Springtime!?

This is just my favorite, favorite time of the year! The grass is greening up (actually, Chris has mowed the front and back yards already) the bradford pears, redbud trees are in bloom and our crabapple tree is almost in bloom, but here is a picture from last year and I will take one as soon as they pop for next week.

I bought the three bobbin tensioned lazy kate to go with my Jensen wheel, and I have to say that most of the time, I really don't mind spending more money to get a piece made from an artisian's hands as I feel they are trying to make a living too. But, this piece kind of takes that to my outer limits. I spent $129 on this:

I do believe I could have made this one myself, take three size seven needles, and one screw with a string on it, one box from the wood pile and there you go. I do realize this was made by Mr. Jensen, and I do realize this is made of cherry, but do you honestly think this is worth $129? The one and only reason I purchased this was because the Tina's bobbins would not fit on my Majacraft Lazy Kate. The Rose bobbins will fit on this one, so I will more than likely sell the Majacraft Lazy Kate now. I am not one of those that has to have all matching items - who's going to see? And who cares? I guess I am being a bit bitchy about this, but gee whiz, huh? That's a lot of fiber or yarn that could have been purchased instead.

Ok anyway, on to other things: I am going to Maine this summer with my daughter for our summer pilgrimage back home. My brother's only son is getting married at the end of June, so we will probably freeze, as we normally only go back towards the end of the summer vacation to allow the lake water to warm up to a comfortable swimming degree. And to allow the general air to warm up too! I mean it's usually around 80 degrees at home at the end of June, but not in Maine, and that's for sure! Ok, so all that to say, I am going to try to make this:

This is Antique Lace by Ilga Leja, it is made with Fleece Artist's Handmaiden Lady Godiva, and you need two skeins for the smallest size. It really captured my heart, so I decided to ask Lisa if she had anything in taupe or light brown in color, like dockers tan, you know?

And Lisa made me this:

Now, this color was supposed to be more brown, like "tea stained", so I went ahead and ordered it. The actual skein itself is light gold, and it is truly gold, no brown tones whatsoever in it. I don't think this color will match my dress, the dress is a deep bright coral - so, I dunno. I plan to make the antique lace with this anyway, but I probably won't use it for the wedding. So, it's been that kind of week for me.

Kai is one more motif further and next I start the replacement motif. It appears I can get one done a week, so I will so this to you all next week. On that note, I hope you all have a great week and see you next time!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What makes June a Dull Girl?

One financial month end, one yearly budget, and one monthly forecast, completed in 8 days equals one tired, worn out June!

So, needless to say, I have not gotten any further with Kai except to say that I have come up with a new motif for the one I really didn't like. Now, let's hope the yarn is the same, although I usually don't use all yardage given for a pattern, so I think I'm ok with this.

I did take Friday afternoon off from work, since I had to be there Wednesday from 8am to 9pm which included a 3.5 hour phone call to Japan and the whole conversation with the teleconference group was in Japanese. Ok, why did I have to be there??? I don't read or speak Japanese, although I am thinking it's high time I learn!

I did wash a fleece that Peggy and I split up on Tuesday night. This is a Romney - Corriedale cross, and it feels really nice! There appears to be a lot of discoloration to the tips from mud and dirt and dust, though, and I am a bit disappointed with that fact.

Is it possible to get this out? Here is some of it flicked out:

Peggy and I had split the fleece up into colors, and I thought I had taken the lightest color, after washing it appears I have three colors! So, this should be a lot of fun.

Another project on my wheel is some Romney that is spinning like a dream! I have completely filled my bobbins up and I have placed an order for the tensioned lazy kate that goes with my Jensen Tina II - have I told you guys how much I love, love, love this wheel??? This is the dark Romney I purchased from SkylineFarms, I also have a lighter color brown/black and white is coming. In my stash I have pinks to go with this, can anyone see where I'm going with this? Fairisle? Mill Pond by Schweitzer? I think so!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Springing Forward and Making New Friends

Well, people, did we all "Spring Forward" an hour today? My clock says it, but my head is still asleep I think. I really detest this messing around with the time. I always have, I always will. Why can't we just stay on one time?

Anyway, yesterday I went to Peggy's house for a gathering of her knit group and my knit group. Peggy and I found each other by way of a Spinning Group! How cool is that? It was major fun, I brought some spindles to show how to spindle spin, even though, that is not my best method of spinning. I really am liking my Turkish spindle so far though. . .

Since we have been having beautiful weather lately I actually have pictures of updates to the barn: (Chris has been really busy on this, did you know garage doors come in pieces?? Heck, I didn't know that! Duh.)

I know that it looks more like a garage than a barn, but that was the intention of the builder. Someday when the horsey goes to live with Caryn, Chris intends to make the barn a workshop for his car hobby. That is a little down the road though, but he tends to be far sighted. Which is normally a very good thing!

Update to Kai is below:

See that marker? That marker is sitting exactly in front of the center of the sweater's back. See the diamond below it? I know that these pictures blow up really big, and if you wanted to you could see that the center of the diamond is exactly in the center of the back! Oh, I know, whoop de do, but I think it's a pretty cool deal!!!!! Now, tell me why my pictures are so dang huge when you guys click on them? Is it the resolution I am using? I always cut them in half (image size) before posting here, so what gives?

Now, tell me why my pictures are so dang huge when you guys click on them? Is it the resolution I am using? I always cut them in half (image size) before posting here, so what gives? Also, I have decided I am not thrilled with the fourth pattern on this:

so, I think I may have to change it. . . I mean, what the heck is that? I am looking through fairisle patterns now and hopefully, by next week I will have an update to that pattern. So, do I still call it Kai if I change the motifs or does it become June-Kai? Hhhmm. Things to think about I guess.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oh the Anticipation!

Ok, you guys, thanks for posting your guesses on my gallon jug of silver, the winner is Caroline! I had counted $303.30 in change, so see? Throwing your loose change at the end of a week can be worth it! Although, I am glad I didn't wait to buy my wheels! Miss Caroline if you will contact me privately, I can get your mailing address (yet, again) and send this yarn off to you!

It helped me make a pretty nice purchase in the end:

Now if I can figure out how to use it! I am trying to learn how to add audio books to this little baby, but I'm not being very successful so far. I'm usually pretty computer literate, but sometimes these things just get me. Anyone out there know how to help me with this??

I bought an Edward Tabachek Cherry Turkish spindle this week, in an effort to learn how to spindle spin successfully, and I think I may actually be liking this:

I also think that I am one of those weirdos that love a heavier spindle and a bottom whorl to boot. I am getting a fingering weight so far with this. Look at the bottom, I actually had to buy a book to figure out how to wind on correctly. It was definately a duh moment!

Here is my Kai in progress: I am just beginning the central diamond, and I can't believe how hard this color is to photograph! Can you see the wave in this?? It's been pretty fun to do so far!