Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sharing Part Two!

So, what did you do with your Christmas vacation, June? Well, I finished up Caryn's Charm Wrap for one! Yeah! It's done and it has been worn everynight since I gave it to her! Can you believe it?
She wasn't feeling that great, and wouldn't let me take pictures of her face, so please excuse the cut offs! And she did want the sleeves that long too!

Showing Daddy:
I'm glad that one is behind me! It was a relatively easy knit, but stockinette is not really my style! Snoooze ville every time I picked it up! lol! I also made Chris a new hat for Christmas, but never got pictures of it! Gray/Black in Quebecoise wool from Schoolhouse Press, and he likes it!

So, I'm also trying to finish up with the Kai Cardigan too! Please ignore the background! When we have driving rain, we have problems with our back door, therefore the soak up towels go down on the floor, and I didn't see them until I looked at this on the computer!

Anyway, I've only got about three inches left and then I start the sleeves. I am really glad that I will have that star motif in there one more time, plus it will be up in the upper body and will be that much more noticeable, it will be one of the first motifs on the sleeves too. I really am tempted to design my own next time!

The other item I did was to start some Christmas knitting for next year! So here are some glove cuffs from Terri Shea's 'Selbuvotter' book. Now that I have had time to really look at this book, and I thank RoLynn for this as she wants a pair of Norwegian mittens for her PIF gift, I think I want to make them all! But here is the beginnings of Annemore #11 for Caryn:
That shot was taken yesterday when we had some great sunlight streaming in the living room, this next shot was taken this morning in the gray overcast light:

I am obviously not doing these in the traditional black and white, but in Caryn's favorite colors instead. This is Lorna's Laces in Ice House and Knitpicks bare merino. I am also going to make some sort of effort to reduce some of my stash this year too! Both of these come from the back room! You can see, I decided to do both at once, sort of, I'll complete one to the knuckles, then finish the other, then the fingers of one, then the other. We'll see how this works out!

So, this is the end of the vacation, but the Christmas tree is down and put up for another year, and so Yeah! We all made it, and that's saying something too, now isn't it?! Next weekend is Caryn's 18th birthday and once that is behind us it's clear sailing until Spring!


Marmee said...

You are a SUPERKNITTER!! I love it all. You should be so proud of yourself and please pat yourself on the back for me. What lovely knitting and I am sure they all feel as luscious as they look. Congratulations and happy knitting!!

Melanie said...

Ah June, you do such lovely Fair Isle! I really like how the gloves are working with the variegated yarn for the pattern stitches.

Congratulations on completing the Charm wrap. That's a LOT of knitting!

Anne said...

I love how the mittens are turning out - there are sooo many in that book I want to knit!

Lynne said...

I love the colour way for Caryn's mittens. And your cardigan is outstanding. You are an incredibly patient and gifted knitter!

Denise said...

I love the colorway on your mittens!