Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Great Adventure -

Ohhh, we made it! You just wouldn't believe the trip to Atlanta, it rained and it rained and it rained. Once we made it to Chattanooga I called my darling Chris and whined over the phone about the rain and ohmyGod we are going to have to sit outside in the rain. . . well, he proceeded to calm me down and Caryn and I continued on. . . at one point I was sure we were going to die as a FedEx truck flew through the standing water on the roads and completed obliterated my field of vision. Going 60 mph and not having a clue of the road or where the other cars went kinda makes Mom (me) nervous. Caryn says I looked like we had just flown over the mountain top! Kinda white and pasty you know. . . I don't do heights very well. All of this to say, that the concert was rockin' and Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers, too) are just awesome. His voice was amazingly the same as when I was my daughter's age. . . man, I wish I were aging so well! The rain stopped it warmed up and all was well with the world again. I only got turned around once, and beeped at once, so I guess it was all worth it!

My sister (hi, Donna!) went to the Dakota's and the Badlands this past summer, and bought me this great gift:

Isn't it just beautiful? I think she said it's made of mammoth tusk? I don't really remember, maybe she will post in the comments for me (hint, hint)!

And here is the entire wall:Sorry about the light's pull chain in the picture, I just couldn't get it cropped out!

I also got a swatch done in the Elektra: One dark:One light: But both the same swatch - Using size seven needles - and I am writing the pattern for the vest as I go -

So, it's been busy and now I am collapsing. Took my MS meds last night and they tend to make me kinda sick (which is why I waited till we got back from the Great Adventure to take it) so, I'm back to the couch -

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tout Fini!

I did it, I did it! I finished up the Elektra this weekend!
I love the way this yarn has come out, however it is unbelievably hard to photograph! I ended up with approximately 1,000 yards, which is about what I was aiming for, I have a specific pattern in mind for a vest, and I wanted enough yarn to be able to swatch, swatch, swatch! So, now the basket is empty and I thought this was a cool picture:

I have been spinning for just about three years, and I am completely self taught, but I think this yarn came out really well. However, if you don't please don't burst my bubble! I hope the amount of photos in this post isn't too much, I just love my pictures though:
I have never two plied and got my bobbin so close before, this is another accomplishment on my part as I usually don't bother to andean ply up the end of the bobbin (ok, this is about the thousandth time I have written boobin instead of bobbin - what the heck?) I just normally pull it all off and into the waste basket it goes -

Caryn and I are going to see Tom Petty this coming weekend, he is playing at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater, in Atlanta, GA. I have been constantly hounded by Caryn to go see him in Atlanta, since we had to miss his performance in Nashville last year, due to a vacation in Maine at the same time. I finally gave in last week, therefore, our seats are on the lawn, (we may not be able to see the man without binoculars!) but I hope the music is still good! I just hope no druggie throws up on us or anything! It's a six hour drive, so I don't think there will be an update to the blog next week.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Toy. . .8 oz of Elektra

Got a new to me toy, and I tried valiantly to get a good picture of this, but it's cloudy outside and therefore, dark in the house.

I love this new skein winder, I hated the niddy noddy, although when I wanted to stretch my yarn slightly I would wind it on there and leave it over night. The Niddy always seemed to take forever, and my hand would actually cramp sometimes. . . maybe that was the MS talkin' who knows? In any event, the skein worked brillantly! Since it takes time off the process, I love it! Although, I did a stupid thing yesterday in my excitement over this and took one of my skeins off the winder without the ties - big, ginormous mistake! (Took me at least an hour to fix that boo,boo!) But, I learned my lesson, and got the second half done this morning in about another hour (plying and skeining approximately four ounces, yes, I am slow. . . I have very curious animals at my house that tend to slow me down!)

Ok, only 4 oz. left and now to figure out what I have and about what I will end up with to start swatching!

Hyrna is now in full swing, and I did take it apart one more time, since my straight lines were not straight in the beginning. Thank you Angela for all your support in this effort! I am now reading the pattern without hesitation on every stitch, I think for me it was a matter of placing my stitch markers, now I seem to be zooming!

BBS are still in progress but a little bigger, so no fun pictures of that. We are off to see "Hollywood Land" so had to get this together quickly today -

See ya!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Long Weekend! Yeah!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented last weekend about the finished doily. It was fun to make, but I am glad that one is over with now. . .

Ok, so on to other topics: I have to say that I truly like my job, but I think I like having time off more! Now if there were some way to put a paycheck with the permanent time off, I guess we would all be there in a heartbeat, huh buddy? Yeah, I love the long weekends, finally get to try to catch up on the sleep that your body needs, and get the house somewhat in order again, and even get to do some playing in the middle!

I’m still working on my BBS for the Socks for Soldiers, I’m getting there:

And, I have made valiant efforts to get this Hyrna going, but I am obviously chart impaired on this one. I have started and ripped no less than eight times, I thought I had it going and now I am trying markers to see if that helps! I sure hope so, as I really want to do this one! My hat is definitely off to you,Miss Angela! I don’t have any idea how you whip through this! And three times, at that!!

I am working with Lisa Souza’s Merino Sock! in the color graphite, and I am just loving it! Here’s a close up!

So, that’s it from me, hope you all are having a fabulous extended weekend if you are celebrating!