Sunday, November 26, 2006

Survived the Turkey Day!

Well, sort of anyway. We had wonderful company, thanks for coming out to see us, Mom! And we had the traditional turkey for dinner. I have to say that this was my best one yet! We went to the Ice! Show in Nashville, it was really cool, and really cold! It had 1.5 million pounds of ice to make the sculptures:

Chris and Caryn worked on the barn/outbuilding:

Doesn't it look great?

I started a scarf for a Christmas gift:

That's Noro Kureyon and the pattern is from an old, old Knitter's Magazine. I didn't get nearly enough knitting or spinning time in during this vacation, but after all, it's not often that we get company from Maine! Took Mom back to the airport, and promptly caught some kind of virus - just in time to go back to work on Monday. It just figures doesn't it?

My scarf is from Knitter's: Winter 2002 K69, this one is full of scarves and hats. I am doing the Wavy Scarf Ver.3 on page 40.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Won't You Let Me Stay with You? It's Cold Outside!

My daughter goes on a horseback ride once a week, and this past Sunday, the girls came home in her best friend's truck with this:

The last time they did this, Caryn came home with a box filled with tissue paper and this little guy:

I looked and looked for pictures of him as a baby, but couldn't find them! Harmmph!

OK, so, her Dad and I are big pushover's and we now have one cat , two dogs, and a horse. I seriously think that is enough! We have made all the efforts we knew to find his rightful owner, but after the vets, the animal hospital, and the local newspaper, with no one calling us, we've decided his name is Jake. He is now getting his shots and next week we plan on having him spayed. He is most definately house broken, and he is a calming influence on Bailey, Nitro tolerates both dogs very well, for a cat, but he took to Jake very quickly.Bailey and Jake are pretty well adjusted, although Bailey thinks she is top dog.
We have alot of this going on outside:

Ok, on to knitting: this is the progress of my Elektra handspun vest:

This is my mindless knitting right now. And here is progress on the barn:
The white part is the sun roof - pretty cool huh?