Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is the beginning of the end -

For Charmed that is! I have completed all the knitting, and I am now blocking this baby to size and I think Caryn is thrilled with it so far! She calls it the most beautimus sweater there is -


I am wet blocking this one as, there is acrylic content in Wool Ease, and I wouldn't want to melt it at this stage of the game! Lord! You would hear the screaming at your house, no matter where you live.
And here is one final shot of the lace:

I am planning on another shot (final) of this with Miss Caryn wearing her "most beautimus" sweater, but that will most definitely be next week. Wet blocking takes a long time to dry, don'tcha know.

My Pay It Forward Roster is now full! Yeah! That makes me so happy! I have RoLynn on the list, and she would like some mittens in the Selbuvotter tradition. Although, we are going to be a little different with the color scheme, and they must have stars on them, and the stars must be gray. I am really excited about starting these, I just have to find the right combination of yarns!

My second recipient is Miss Ashley, RoLynn's daughter - she is so fun! Go check out their blogs - when your done here of course. Miss Ashley wants a Koolhaas Hat a la Jared style. In purple. I have to admit, this is one cool hat, but the circumference seems a tad small if you ask me - 16" ?? Huh? Is this a really tight hat? Or do I make it bigger? Hhhmm - questions that need to be asked I guess.

My third recipient is Miss Erika now, we haven't had a lot of time to talk since she is moving and playing with this guy at the moment:

So, we will catch up when she has a little more breathing room!

Bryan is home from UK and I now have the his Christmas wish list. Now to find the items on it! Well, I have a few days, I just can't do any on line ordering which is my forte! I love to have the whole family here - and I think that is the best part of Christmas.

Ok, one more shot of the Santa's from my tree:

Ok, I lied here's another one:

He is a snowglobe - isn't that cool?


Marmee said...

I am so the same way about family and Christmas!! It makes it so special.
Your ornaments are awesome.
You are such a generous person, thank you for being my friend!!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Gorgeous sweater and ornaments!!!!! Hey, I didn't know we got to choose what you made us if we signed up!!!!

Anne said...

Can't wait to see the finished sweater! And what wonderful Santas on your tree. Merry Xmas!