Saturday, December 31, 2005

Elektra Ohh Baby

Ok, so, I’ve been absent for a while, you know the Holiday thing and the time off from work thing and all that. To top all of that my camera has been with the Fuji repair in New Jersey, and who wants to read a blog without pictures anyway?? So, to catch you all up with my life, I have been off from work since the 23rd of December, the plant shuts down, and we are not required to be there at shut down, Yeah!! (However, there is this small problem of money coming in and no one there to get it. (And I am talking some major dollars sitting in the mailbox.) So, being the diligent accountant that I am, I went in to work yesterday (even though I am sick as a dog, happens every year at this time – I think I was pretty close to pneumonia this time though, although my doc just said to take it easy and take the meds he gave me).

Anyway, I am getting off subject. I’ve been home for a while and spinning and knitting and reading and just doing all the fun things that you want to do while you are stuck at work! I have made some progress with the Electra Wensleydale that Lisa S. created for me, and believe me when I say, I just can’t get the color exact on this – the purples just don’t come forward on the picture, no matter what I do! Although, I didn’t try going outside with it, but baby, it’s cold outside and I’m sick. So, you’ll have to take this as is! I am just ecstatic that my camera is back and working properly now! I also suggest that you all run and get some of this stuff as it is just too fun for words! My first skein came out a little heavier than I had originally wanted, so I am trying to cut back a bit on the next two bobbins to come back to DK weight.

The other thing is, is the first skein is plied from one bobbin, by winding into a ball and plying from inside and out - I do not have the control I like to have plying this way though. So, this skein is a little messy, and that is why you see two bobbins being filled for the next plying session! But, of course that way you always end up with left overs . . . any other suggestions out there for this dilemma?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder??

Hello to all my cyber friends out there! Sorry to have been away for a bit, but life is busy sometimes, I suppose. The camera has been delivered to the Fuji Photo plant in NJ and I plan to call tomorrow to see what the status is on the repair work. I hope they can fix it or get me a new camera. It was under warranty so let's see if they honor it.
So, unfortunately, I can't show you this drop dead gorgeous Elektra Wensleydale that arrived on Friday, thank you, thank you, Miss Lisa S. ! I am really enjoying spinning it up. I think I am going for a nice DK weight, and maybe this will be transformed into the clock vest from Folk Vests, if I actually end up with enough, I would like to make the vest into a sweater. . . but we'll see.
I also can't show you my finished Sunset Cardigan, with the perfect buttons, but the BG Knitter's group got to see it up close and personal when I wore it last week to our stitch and bitch at Barnes and Nobel Cafe on Tuesday night. It got rave reviews. . . (blush) I am now looking for my next fair isle to do. . . any suggestions?
I got 6 inches completed on Arches, and once again, I can't show you due to my dag-gum camera problems. . . it's a fun fast knit so far. I'm not sure how far Miss Mel is on hers, or if she is stalled due to the life getting in the way thing too. :(
Almost finished with Christmas shopping and doing the Cards this afternoon. . . who ever said it was correct etiquitte (sp?) to send out Christmas cards anyway?? "I hate the Christmas card thing - Jerry"! I guess I generally don't like this time of year due to all the work and effort with very little/no feedback or general help. Then it's all done in a half hour and whew! I made it through another year, and what a darn let down. It must be me.
Think I'll go spin some of this fabulous Wensleydale sitting next to me!