Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Parents!

We have just purchased our newest member of the family! A Blue Merle Australian Shepard, and ya know, if I only had a camera I would show her to you. Of course, the pick of the litter and the one we would have taken was already spoken for. . . darn, but our baby is so pretty and she even tried to follow us to the car! Now, as long as our big boy Nitro doesn't take too much offense we will be A-Ok!
Went to Maine last weekend for a long weekend, and I have been paying for it ever since at work. It really wasn't a good time for me to take three days off. But, I think I am caught up for the moment, and I will hopefully be in good shape next week.
On the knitting front, I tried and tried and tried to make one of those mulit-directional scarves from the Modular Knits book, I think it was called Diamond Blossoms. Well, they didn't blossom for me! I must be dense, I just don't get it. I don't get a beautiful diamond in the middle at all. . . it's just a smaller triangle, so I know I am doing something wrong, but I sure couldn't figure it out at Mom's house.
Still spinning Elektra, and will pick up the MKII again next month - heh, two days away! Anyway, hope you are all well and looking forward to Spring!! Yeah!! (No MSW for me this year though, wah! But I have quite enough fiber right here thank you!)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lack of Knitting Progress -

Hey to you all - didn't post last week due to lack of camera - still. Good grief, how long does it take to fix a camera anyway??!!

There hasn't been a lot of knitting progress around this place due to the work being done in the MK Level II. I am continously looking at and working on my swatches. This is nuts! But, like everyone else says, I am learing a lot. For instance, the tubular cast on is a new one to me and I've been trying to perfect that lately. I should just quit and move on to the next swatch. The biggest problem I have actually been having is finding in a book why the seaming process should be done with right sides facing. Well, I think I know the answer but do you think I can find in referenced somewhere? Hell, no!

Going to Maine on Friday and staying until Tuesday (I know, I know, it's winter time why would I want to go there? Well, my Mom and Brother live there and my sister is flying in too. So it should be fun, but we'll see.) I am only praying I don't get stuck in some airport - Which actually I did last year in July, so, it's not always snow that will ground you!

Reading Book Three of the Black Jewels Triology, by Anne Bishop. If you are into fantasy or otherworldly type books, plus some romance in the mix too, this is a definate good read!

Talk with you all later,