Sunday, April 29, 2007

Falling Fast but Having Fun Doing it!

Well, you know, I am a sucker for gorgeous wood products. I like the way they look, I like the way they feel, and maybe someday, I'll buy a lathe of my own and learn how to do something like this:This is a Goncalo Alves Spindle, which I purchased from Janet at The Wheel Thing. Her on line service is the best out there, in my opinion. The spindle is ordered early Friday morning and wham, bam it's on the doorstep on Saturday! I've been having fun spinning some Black Bunny roving, that you can see it sitting on. Yeah, I still have the turkish spindle going, and the two wheels. . . I think I have a problem!

My mermaid socks, suck! They don't fit so this is the state they are in at the moment. This is just my son's comforter that they are laying on, the sun was streaming in his room, so I thought it was the best place for a camera shot. I kinda love the way the red is just so RED!

Anyway, I digress, as usual, since I was pretty UPset about the mermaid socks, I went ahead and cast on for the Jaywalker socks:

Toe up Version in Lorna's Laces color Motherload. I am doing these with 2.5mm two circular needles. That ensures that they will actually fit when I am done! And, yeah, I still have the Antique Lace going, and the Kai - June version, going and the Elektra Vest going. . . I think I have another problem!

Can't end without showing off all the hard work we (and that's a loose we, as it is mainly being done by Chris and Caryn!) have been doing with the barn and pasture:

This shot is trying to show how far back the pasture goes and the fact that all the poles are now set: (This is the western neighbor's side of the land, and the people we board Blazer at right now.)

This is a shot from the side of the barn looking down the row of planked poles on our eastern neighbor's side.

Just a better shot??

Isn't it looking wonderful?


Peggy said...

ANOTHER SPINDLE!!!!!! I mean really girl!!!! Just kidding, I certainly am no one to talk. :) It is just beautiful to look at and I love that roving. Yeah, all us knitting, spinning people have problems or issues. It could be much worse.....I think. Anyways, sorry about your socks, you know my story and the Jaywalkers look lovely. I'm knitting some toe up and I'll be posting them, not real sure about them though. Your pasture is almost ready for that horse. And those sheep and alpacas? We can dream huh?

Melanie said...

You are doing a fabulous job on the fence. What a LOT of work!

The new spindle is gorgeous. May you spend many happy hours together.

I love your old/my new Lazy Kate. It works like a charm.

vanessa said...

nice fence!

Anne said...

It IS looking wonderful. Our horses would stampede over me to get to that grass - it is so very dry here already.

Honestly, I don't think you have a problem at all - it's just sensible to have several projects going at once. Just in case.

Peggy said...

I'm still waiting to be surprised!!!! To come look at your blog and there actually be an update and it not be Sunday. :)