Sunday, May 06, 2007

Favorite Wool Prep - Do you have one?

My favorite way to prep a fleece for spinning is hands down, combing. I bought a pair of Alvin Ramer wool combs second hand from someone selling theirs on the Spin List.

I have loved working with them, and they do everything I could possibly want. Except actually fit on my counter top, table or any other horizontal surface I have in this house! They do actually fit on this bar stool that I used for one of my plants, but The Combs have take over now! The biggest problem I have found in combing is all the dirt that I try to get out in the washing of the fleece finally does come out in the combing. I don't know if I am not getting my water hot enough, or what, but I have an amazing amount of clumped sand/dirt in this Romney-Corriedale fleece I washed and dyed:

So, if I can't comb in the kitchen (the only place in my house with tile floors that is basically a free for all since the dogs live in there - I do vacuum and wash the floor weekly, if not more when it rains! I don't want anyone thinking we are pigs!) then, I am stuck. I was recently complaining to Mr. Fix It and he comes out of the garage with these:

Oh my Lord! I have died and gone to heaven! These babies fit around anything! Look!

I am highly, highly recommending these clamps to anyone who can get their hands on them! They were purchased from Sears, and Mr. Fix It thinks they were around $20. They they are fabulous for outdoors (then, I don't even have to sweep or vacuum again!) and they also work around my table that has a long edge:

No, we have no control over Nitro, as you can plainly see. He is his own boss, except when the dogs get in on the Act!

So, this is what the Romney-Corridale is working up to:

How can you resist combing when you get results like this?


Vicki said...

The sight of those big combs still give me the shivers. Do you find using them is hard on your wrists? Love the finished product they're giving you and can't wait to see how it spins up. Oh, and love the kitty shot! :)

June said...

Thanks for the comment, Vicki! Actually these are considered to be Mini Combs, (at least that's what it says on The Wheel Thing's web site) and they are not all that heavy. I really like them, and they have done every type of wool without problems! I did have some 5 pitch English combs, but those were heavy, and I really couldn't use them. Joanne warned me, but, I went ahead and got them. . . then sold them! :)

Melanie said...

What a great solution, go hug that man! The basket of fluffy fibre nests looks wonderful - and Nitro looks very mischievious!

Peggy said...

What an awesome way of combing!!! And the little nesties look so lovely. I suppose you combed it and then pulled it through a diz? Guess I'm going to have to get on the stick huh?

vanessa said...

mr. fix to the rescue!

those wool puffs look like rasberry fool :-)

Anne said...

Combs are a wonder, aren't they? They do SUCH a fabulous job of cleaning and straightening up the fiber. Sort of like drill sergeants. I love that rosy-burgundy-brown color!

Anne said...

June - I cannot find your email in blogger! Shoot me an email at my gmail account (Anne dot podlesak at gmail dot com) so I can tell you about the fiber club.