Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful Weather and My Sister is Here!!

Yeah! My sister is here from MD, and yes, she lives right on the Montgomery County line where the annual MSWF is held every year! I used to go out every year and basically go crazy on fiber and or yarn. I'm green with envy that she gets to stroll on up there anytime she wants, and I can't get up to her house anymore due to my job. (I'm the only accountant at Kiriu that prepares all the financial reporting for the company. I guess the job does have to come first.)

Anyway, we went to the Haus of Yarn in Nashville. I really like this yarn shop and prefer it over the other big shop in Nashville. I found lots of cool stuff, but restrained myself as much as possible. I found this at the shop, and I ask you, is this not a cool way to advertise? Yeah, that's an emery board and it's got all sorts of yarn on one side and this on the other! I just think it's too damn cool!

And I found this really cool new to me yarn: Jitterbug by Colinette in Charcoal - this stuff is to die for and I can't wait to start my next pair of socks

- speaking of current socks, here are my Mermaid sock(s) in progress: I took them off the magic loop to do the heel and now I just kept going - I think I am liking ML less and less and the two circulars more and more. What do you all do?

And we are a knitting family, here are my sister's in progress: These are an elongated rib with Opal yarn - an older color I gave her at Christmas time.

Don't you just love a sister that knits?!


Peggy said...

How cool!!!! Your sister is visiting, you got to go to an awesome yarn store together and she knits!!!! Can it get any better? That yarn looks scrumptous. I can't wait to see it. I use the dpns for my sock. I am either easily confused or I'm chicken, not sure which.

vanessa said...

have fun with your sister!