Sunday, April 08, 2007

57 Holes and Counting -

No, I'm not talking about lace here either. I'm talking about post holes to fence in the pasture we are growing for the horse. . . we have 83 posts, and this is some of the progress:

It's been a real challenge to get through some of these, Chris keeps talking about "the pan" we keep hitting the pan. Well, whatever the heck it is, one thing is for sure: it's like rock! We have been working on this since about 4:00 pm on Friday. This shows about 30 along the front side of the pasture, can you see that speck of blue in the upper left corner? That's the barn, that we are working on too. We now have gone up the side to the barn on both sides to make a paddock area, and we are working our way backwards to the back property line. All the posts are set and level too! How 'bout that?

It's been freakin' cold here this weekend, too. I am pretty sure I lost the buds I would have gotten on my azalea's and one of the trees is looking pretty lame too. I think I was looking pretty lame yesterday myself. That darn "pan" was killing me too! But here are a couple of flower shots I got before the weather turned on us all:


And Dogwood:

Ok so for the fiber front this weekend, there has been very little action. I have gotten this far on my Antique Lace:

And here is a close up with a different pillow for contrast:

Mel told me there were revisions to the pattern, so like a good knitter I went out and got those. In actuality though, my pattern was up to date. So, I lucked out! When I can actually sit down with it and knit it's been really fun and the Lady Godiva is definitely some good fiber crack, let me tell ya! Ok, so I'm off to make Easter dinner now - I hope you all are having a good holiday!


Peggy said...

It all looks good girl!!!! I've done the fence post thing before and probably will be in the future if I want any fiber buddies. It ain't fun. But once done right it is done!!!! The lace looks great. I love the variegation of the yarn. It will give it an even more antique lace look. Probably why you picked it huh?

Melanie said...

Happy Easter! I'm glad you're enjoying the Lady Godiva. I hope there's no more pan to hinder your progress on the fence posts. That's such hard work.