Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Week Gone By -

Well, ya'll another week has flown by! We had some fabulous company this week from Chris's brother Jeff and his wife Carol and their youngest son, Erik! It was Spring Break in MI and they came south to the North Carolina area - Ashville, specifically to do the touristy stuff. Biltmore Estate and the winery and all the gorgeous site seeing over there. So, it was wonderful to see them as we don't make it up north as much as we probably should!

Here's the birthday boy in a very, very rare shot of sitting down! This man never sits still, never.

I've been major busy as you all know, with month end closing and yearly budgets, and auditors and now finally year end! It's all finished and I'm surprised to still be alive, but there it is! Yeah! Done! Tout Fini! So, to celebrate, I have done nothing but spin and ply up some yarn yesterday - well, that's not entirely true, I baked a Cherry Pie for Chris for his birthday too, but here is the yarn so far:

Remember Blue Jean Lady?

That's the jumbo plying bobbin for Majacraft and it's very cool to get your 2 full single bobbins plied off to one bobbin! It has an odd scraping sound to it that makes me nuts, but the end result is worth the noise. I may need to oil it or try to see if there is something in the bobbin itself. I don't know -

Anyway here is the two ply yarn:

I think it's really pretty, and I have to say this is forcing me to go into different areas as I am not combing this but carding, and the result is a bit more lumpy than I normally go -

And I have gotten to the heel on the Mermaid Socks:

The instructions in this book are kind of funky, so I am waiting to sit down and get it together before proceeding with these. That means no tv, or ipod and no wine for anyone who may be wondering!

I have decided to sell my Majacraft 3-Bobbin Lazy Kate. It is practically brand new, so I am not going to simply give it away. $75 with the three boilable bobbins or $50 without, this does not include shipping. So, if you want it let me know!


Peggy said...

Wow, that yarn is really, really pretty. Did you dye it? Whatcha gonna make with it? Huh? Huh? Huh? Just giving you some of your own medicine. :) I love it. And I can see that Karyn (Caryn?) looks like her dad.

vanessa said...

yummy blue jean yarn :-)

glad you had such a nice visit!