Sunday, July 09, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation!

Well, I can't hardly believe that it has already been a week since I last posted. You know I really kind of like this staying at home thing. The problem with that is the fact that you then have a reduction of funds to use for all the hobbies I seem to have acquired! I really don't like asking dh for money as he is a major Mr. Thrifty and can't stand to spend a dime unless it is vitally necessary. Of course, I tend to then lean the other way and spend too much, but never more than we can afford. . . he has tried to explain to our son, Bryan, who is working this summer full time in a a copper tubing plant, that he needs to find a happy medium between his type of spending and mine! I thought that was pretty funny, but actually Bryan is almost a bigger tight-wad than his Dad! HOW is that even possible? Well, he always has Mom to fall back on, now doesn't he?

So, Mom, that would be me - spent some money on this kit which took a freaking month to get to me, so I don't really recommend this vendor unless she has gotten better with her communication. She was teaching a class, and then didn't let me know the item was in the mail. . . gheesh - Anyway, I loved this bracelet and made it up this week:

The biggest problem with this bracelet is the swarvorski crystals are attached with fire line, well the jump rings do not all close exactly (I guess due to operator error, and the fact that closing and opening jump rings hurts my fingers after a while!) so the blue stones, had to come out. I tried figuring out how to link them with wire, but didn't get anywhere with that either. So, darn it, right now it is being worn avec sans blue stones!

Then I spun up 8 oz of the Elektra and now have only four oz to go to finish! I only have the three bobbins, though, so I will have to get this plied up and then I am undecided on whether or not to spin the full four oz on one bobbin and then ply from a center pull cake - I always mess this up, or just spin two oz on each bobbin and then ply -

I also read a book this week and saw Pirates yesterday! All in all a good time was definately had by me! So, when can I retire??? Take care, everyone see ya next week!

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melanie said...

No wonder you wanted to make that bracelet - it's just yummy! I hope you find a way to get the crystals put in. They match your beautiful Elektra yarn! Lovely job.