Sunday, July 23, 2006

Slots anyone?? . .

Chris and I took a ride over the KY state to try our hand at the slot machines at Caesar's Palace in Elizabeth, Indiana. Well, we had no clue on what to do, and the slots were jammed packed, so we tried a few and lost around $40. Not too bad, we went expecting to lose. This morning we went back to try our hand today. . . well, first I won about $30 and so we used just that ticket. Now, in hindsite, I think we should have stayed at one machine, but we would use $5 then move to another machine. . . all in all we lost $60 and decided we are just too cheap to really play these games right!

On the way up there and back, I worked on Lucy Neatby's Mermaid socks:

They are coming out pretty well, except I wish the wavy cuff, was a little more wavy!

The only other thing that happened this weekend is we got a rug delivered that finally finishes off the living room:

This rug is 90% wool, so I am hoping it will last a lifetime, it has taken me a long time to decide on this, and actually I had finally decided on another color. Chris on a leap of faith chose this one. Please excuse my messy room, I was trying to show off how well the rug goes with the hardwood floor! I think it looks really good, now we have to replace that furniture!

We also got our land plot delivered to us, so we now will own 2.85 acres! We are very excited and making plans for the horse barn now.

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Donna said...

Hi June, I think that I'm getting a better feel for this blogging stuff. But there is still a bit more to learn. For example, I'm trying to figure out how to trade out the name donna with Yarn and Two Sticks. But just getting the message to you is good enough. I hope you like the most recent picture. Bye for now.