Sunday, July 16, 2006

Took a Boat Ride and Finished a Sock

My beloved sister came to visit us this weekend, and I believe a great time was had by all. First we had to abate the fierceness of our crazy dog, Bailey. We don’t really know why, but she is deathly afraid of strangers, and I’m sure you all know, that a scared dog is a scary dog. But Daddy –O (that would be dh, Chris) got the upper hand and got all under control, so Bailey is not afraid of Donna any more, and I think that Donna is not afraid of Bailey either.

We took a ride on The General Jackson, a river paddleboat, that had a show (Tim Watson) that was really funny, I have to give the man his due, he can fiddle like nobody’s business! It was blistering hot, 90 degrees + and humidity in the 90’s too, but we had a good time and we didn’t melt, and to prove it here is a picture of Donna, my daughter Caryn (Queen) and me in the middle.

So, after that excursion, instead of going south to TN, we went north and headed to The Shaker Village in South Union, KY. It was another blasting hot day, and there was no air conditioning of course, at the main house. It’s a pretty amazing life style, but certainly not for me! Just imagine doing everything separate from the men including going upstairs! They had some gorgeous wood-work and furnishings, but I am only showing a picture of the spinning wheels and this loom, which keep in mind was probably built somewhere around 1858 or so. . . I don’t weave, but this looks like a bear to work on. . . what do you think?

And, last but not least, I taught my sister how to do two socks on one magic loop, and although these are not her socks, I finished mine! Yeah! Now, tell me the truth, are these ugly or what??!! Good grief!

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melanie said...

Hey June, I'm glad to hear you're surviving the heat. I'd hate to have to try to move that loom. I'd like to try the wheel, though.