Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crazy Weekend for Us

It was back to school shopping time for us this weekend, since school begins again on Tuesday, August 1st. I can hear all of you up there above the Mason Dixon Line saying “OMG” that’s way too early! Well, you know, it is, but then again they get out of school on May 27th or some crazy date like that, so they still get their full two months off. It does really make us crazy in that we can never take a vacation in the warmest months in the North. We did take them out of school for the first few years, but when they got into Middle School we gave up because it was way too much hassle!

Anyway, that was all a big preamble to say I haven’t made much progess on my Mermaid socks, and as you can see any progress made on my doily doesn’t show:

But I did get some stitch markers made today for my sister (Hi ya, Donna!). These are made with Argentium 20 guage headpins, and the longest length I can find are 1.5” in this guage, which makes it very, very difficult to make a maker bigger than a 5.5mm needle (US 9). But, the tarnish free is worth it I think.

So, that’s all from here, but want to show you all how big Bailey is getting 26.3 pounds at 7 months. We were trying really hard to get a good picture of her, but she is so, well, memememememe, pet me! I love you, love you, love you that we did manage to get one of her looking like quite the wild dog (right) but she's really not, as you can see from the left photo!

Oh, and I just can’t ignore my baby, Nitro:

His leg is in the Ott Light reflection, right behind my head if I had been sitting there! – Yeah, I guess he loves me, or it could be the light. . .

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melanie said...

Nitro looks like he knows how to stay cool. Those sure are pretty stitch markers.