Sunday, April 30, 2006

Not much happenin' around he-ah -

I've been busy carding up the CVM fleece I purchased from White Barn Farm and nearly killed my hand doing it too! I have piles and piles of batts that are clean, but still feel very lanolin rich. I decided to go ahead and card it up anyway, I kind of like the feel of spinning in some of the grease if not the whole dirty fleece! It got a little bit neppy and I was kind of disappointed with that, but it's not too horribly bad, now at the risk of showing you my messy, messy fiber closet here is a picture:

My dh, Chris had set up my carder on his workbench in the garage, and I finally, finally was able to work with this machine without risk of the cat and dog getting into it, or killing myself at the kitchen counters, so, I just carded and carded until the fleece was gone. . . then when I went into the house to put it away, well, hell I didn't really have room and I felt guilty that my other two spinning projects would be put on the back burner, so I just plain put it away, and took out the Elektra - how's that for discipline?? I also carded up some of a Finn fleece I have, but the picture is really crummy so not going to show you all that one.

The fiber came in a box, an it was quite something getting the fleece out of the house to sort through. (Think crazy cat and psycho puppy here trying to get to that animal in that box!) There was not one spec of vm in this fleece and not one piece of crud (if ya know what I mean) it is fabulous and I would recommend this site again in a heartbeat. They are pricey, but to me it is also saving or helping to save an endangered sheep breed. So, to show you that we recycle everything here is a picture of that box the fleece came in:

What would my blog be without pictures of Nitro? I know, I need to show updates of the Bailey Blue-mister, but, it's raining and cold and nothing will come out good today I don't think. Oh, ok, it's just an excuse. She's been too squirrely to get good pictures of lately!

On to my fourth repeat on the DFS Scarf and a good ole' movie and we'll be all set this afternoon! Now if we could just have our 75-80 degree days back I will be a happy camper!


melanie said...

How could you resist not spinning that beautifully carded pile of fleece? Nitro looks very cozy in the fleece box.

Angela said...

June! What gorgeous batts. Why have I not found you before?

June said...

Thanks for the kudos guys!