Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sans MD$and Wool Festival -

I didn't make it to MD this year, and I am bummed about that. However, my overflowing closets and fiber room just didn't warrant a trip this year, no matter how much I wanted to go! My wonderful sister who lives 20 minutes from the festival just called me and told me she had purchased a T-shirt for me anyway. . . how cool is that?! So, I am now looking forward to reading everyone's blogs and seeing all the fun that was had by my cyber friends. I am determined to make it to one festival this year, that is if I can work it into my work load at work - so I guess I better get going on that. Right now, I am aiming for the MI fiber festival - not too far a drive (600 miles?) from here . . .

I have been working on my DFS shaw/scarf almost everyday, but alot of times that only means one or two rows an day - but here it is almost four repeats completed:

This is from Lisa S's and her infamous Sock! in the color Sky Drama! Don'tcha just love it?

Bryan is home from college and his sister is estatic about that! Fortunately for me, they have turned into really good friends as well as being brother and sister. So, we have been busy with laundry, laundry and more laundry - not much time for anything else, although we did make a trip to the library and book store too, yesterday. Still working on training Bailey, I a pretty sure that will be an never ending job for the next year or so! Here she is almost grown up, it's amazing how fast puppies turn into dogs!


Vicki said...

The logo on the MSW t-shirt was really cute--nice sister you have there! Let me know if you decide to drive up to MI in August. I'm considering taking a class on Friday. Or, think about Convergence in June.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

I'll be in Michigan too. We can make it a mini soiree:-)

I will be at convergence on thurs if you ladies would like to meet up there instead or in addition to.

Maybe we could talk Joanne into coming up!!