Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring can beautiful and deadly -

I am not getting as much knitting done, as I would like, since we just finished our year end at work, but things should quiet down and get back to normal now I hope! The tornadoes have kept us up at night (due to the fear factor) but so far we have escaped the path of destruction so far. It keeps getting closer, and closer! I think it's time to sell and get a house with a basement!! The past few years we lost two of our Bradford Pear trees that framed the house, and we replaced them last year with Crabapple trees. This is the result of our efforts:

Bailey is still in her puppy mode, herding our cat Nitro everywhere. And he does not like it one bit. Chris was working on the fireplace, putting in gas logs. So, guess what our pure white cat does? Well - I'll tell you it will take months for him to be pure white again!! He really is a mess underneath!

I have been trying since last evening to post this, and I just now got the photos to load!
Happy Spring, ya'll! Off to try to figure out how to continue my DFShawl after the first Chart B is done!

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