Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mexico is not for me -

I was quite shocked at the condition of the towns we stayed in, Toluca and Lerma, which is the place we have puchased a plant. We went with the intention of teaching our basic software we use for reporting and financials. That all went just fine, until we found out after we got back to Mexico City that the plant had arranged for a different software to be used, and so you know what? Traveling with the President has it's perks (of the company that is). We canceled their contracts. Huh! I bet they were surprised on Monday morning when we were all back in the States!

So, not much knitting or spinning going on, but I have some back log to show -

Love, love, love, my elektra:

and my wool kundert spindle:

and my Bailey Blue:


CarolineF said...

Gosh she's cute! And that's a lovely spindle. I will have my eye out for a Kundert at MSW.

Vicki said...

Oh, that Elektra is so pretty! It just glows in the pics. My Kundert spindle has fast become my favorite. Yours is a beauty! What woods does it contain?

June said...

Hi Vicki, The Kundert is a Cherry and Walnut spindle with 1.2 oz weight. It's currently my favorite too!