Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pictures are worth a thousand words. . .

Well, sort of anyway! My camera is finally back, but actually it appears to be a brand new camera with a new serial number too! Hopefully, this one won’t crap out on me! I do have pictures to share, one of my mutated Arches. I just didn’t really like the arches, so, I came up with a different scheme. Nitro just can’t stand for me to be taking pictures without him in them, so here’s the first shot:

And now the second:

I have also been working on the DFS KAL and here is a shot of chart one completed. The yarn is Lisa Souza’s Sky Drama, and these are just way too dark. If you are really interested in the color shoot me a line and I have a good shot of the skein before winding.

Off to Mexico City and Taluca next week on business, so probably won’t be posting next week. I really don’t dare bring my camera!

Take care -

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melanie said...

I really like the lace substitution you made in Not Arches. It's going to be really pretty. Have a good trip.