Sunday, October 15, 2006

I think I'm Out of Control!

You know how it is when you are perusing the internet and you see that lovely yarn that you just can't resist? Yeah, well, I am now in the process of cleaning up my stash, and, ahem, I think I have a problem. You know, like "Hi, my name is June and I can't stop buying yarn and any fiber related object." Now, don't get me wrong, I have never had to rob Peter to pay for my purchases, but I'm starting to feel pretty guilty about it! So, next week I will have pictures of yarn for sale for the price of postage, just to get some of this in hands that will knit it!!

First off the barn: Look at all those toys!! And he is upset with my two spinning wheels??? Nawh, he really is the best - Look how far we've gotten!

So, anyway, on to other things, I have been trying to grow jade plants ever since I can remember (and that's a long time) and this is the best I have ever, ever done. I wanted to transplant it and give it some nutrients, but of course we have about one tablespoon of dirt left in the dirt bag in the garage. . . so, next week I hope.

And on the needles is: Hyrna -

I am not fast especially when I have three things going right now! But look at this, I just love, love, love this color from Ms. Lisa:


And of course, two pairs of socks: Mermaid (for me in size women's size 6)

OK: This pair should count as two pairs!!! BBS for Socks for Soldiers men's size large 10 - 11, Good Grief they are huge! Men have enormously big feet!


Anonymous said...

June - I think the Hyrna/Graphite is Really pretty! Did you spin it yourself? I can't tell I'm too far away to see.

I also see your jade plant. You can see the red tips on some of the leaves. This is a healthy sign that is, it has plenty of sunshine. Still need a bit more "dirt" however!

Finally - good luck with the barn building.

Vicki said...

I find Jade plants difficult to grow, too. Hyrna is looking lovely as are the socks!

melanie said...

Your jade looks happy. Don't pamper it too much and it will be happy. Hyrna and the socks are moving right along. Sock weather is upon us.

sopranospinner said...

Yes, well, I don't understand that at all. I just fell victim to the Apricol Lorna's Laces virus this afternoon and have only now recovered (after ordering). I absolutely love this color and there it was on a blog. Do I need sock yarn? Do I MAKE sock yarn? No and yes.

Have a lovely!

vanessa said...

i have the same illness, good luck with the cure :-)

Angela said...

Your jade plant looks very happy. My mum has always told me that it's important to have one in the house for luck!