Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight Savings Time Ends -

In an effort to understand why the heck we do this "spring forward and fall back" thingy every spring and fall season, I looked it up. Apparently it was conceived to conserve energy and obtain one extra hour of daylight during the summer months. While I concur wholeheartedly that getting that extra hour during the summer months is cool, I really, really hate the winter months where you are getting up in the dark, driving to work in the dark, and then turning around and driving home in the dark too! Oh well, I guess I can't change it so I might as well stop fussing about it.

I was kind of at a loss at what to show this week for fiber related activity, as I have put myself on a yarn diet and I am trying not to buy any yarn until after Christmas - WELL, I've made it a week, but as I said I don't have much going on 'cept those Big Black Socks: Turned the heel and look at that tension! Is that good or what? The slight ridge will correct itself in the wash, that is the move between needles -

I can show some past acquisitions tho, so here is LL's in Motherlode: Don't you love this color? I am planning on the famous Jaywalker socks for this:

And this is an artist on Etsy: Twisted This color is "Stone" which is a self striping denim - I have no actual plans for this yet, although I am not a big fan of plain vanilla, round and round you go, which is why I am struggling with the BBS's I think.

No update on the barn, as silly, silly Chris tried to catch a 16 foot 2"x 4" with one hand while standing on a ladder! Well, Good Grief! One jammed thumb leads to much pain and swelling, can we all collectively say "ouch" ? So, the week has been a bust for barn building, but it was raining most of the time too, so I guess he picked a good week to be silly. They are putting up the roofing shingles now, so next week it will really be looking good!

Have a good week everybody!


melanie said...

Ouch! That has got to hurt. The socks look great, very classy.

Angela said...

Ouch indeed. BBS looks eminently wearable and the socks to be look like they will be interesting and lovely.