Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gearing up for Fall -

Well, as we speak dh, Chris and dd, Caryn are outside working on the beginnings of our pole barn for one said daughter's horse, Blazer:

The past couple of years we've been paying our neighbors to feed and board him, and recently our town is growing by leaps and bounds (we are even getting a Lowes, who hoo!) they are building homes on acreage the size of a postage stamp. With this in mind we purchased another acre from our farming neighbor and we are pulling the horse back to our care. I really wanted more room, to do a couple of sheep too, but Chris flatly refuses to deal with sheep. . . so, I have to be content with the horse I guess!

On the fiber note: I am spinning up some lovely wool and mohair which I have been showing you in the past, just trying to finish it up:

When it gets really stressful at work I tend to spin more than knit at night, as that is about all my addled brain can handle, so here's a picture of some wool I bought from an e-bay vendor: It looks rather orange in the shot, however it is really red with just hints of yellow and orange -

I am really finally getting lace! Oh boy! I am excited about that!

And of course I am still working on the big black socks:

Two and a half inches to go and I turn the heels! This is both socks at once, but they are so very boring - so, just showing the one!

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vanessa said...

lucky horse! and nice spinnng june :-)