Sunday, October 22, 2006

Autumn is in Full Swing -

A picture to show the gray skies, rain in the air, and the falling leaves, falling temperatures and general falling spirits it seems.

I genuinely like the Autumn colors that the trees show in abundance, but I generally start getting quite depressed this time of year as I know that the cold and snow will be upon us soon. Although, since we have moved to the south the snow is not really such a problem any longer. But, ice can wreak havoc with the roads and trees and power lines - so a backup generator is a great thing!

Anyway, on a fiber note I have nothing to show that wouldn't be a repeat of last week, although I did turn the heels on the BBS! As I mentioned last week I have gathered quite a lot of yarn that I know I will never use.

So go here: Almost Free Yarn: All I want for this yarn is for you to pick up the shipping, I plan to use US priority mail so that I don't have to pay for boxes or bags. If you want it just e-mail me and I'll get it in the mail for you! I'm giving this a week and after that all remaining yarn will be dropped off at Goodwill - If you can't see the photos, then sign up for Flickr and look under my user name of: junepot then you should be able to see them all. While your over there you should check out my sister's gorgeous photos too! Her user name is daj_klinedinst That girl can take a picture I tell ya!

Oh, but I can't go before I show you how far Chris has gotten with the barn:

What do you think?? It looks like a building now doesn't it?

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vanessa said...

love the barn :-)