Sunday, September 09, 2007

Something Old, Something New -

We took our first college tour yesterday with Caryn at the University of Louisville, which means we got up, on a Saturday at 5:00 am to drive 2 hours to UofL and sit and listen to all these professors going on and on about how wonderful their school is. And actually, I really like the academics and all that UofL has to offer in their programs for Caryn. I just hate the campus and how totally industrialized it is. So, we went away a bit disenchanted (again) but, like we said before she has to make this decision, not us and whatever she decides is fine.

Ok, so the picture content is going to be what I could take on the fly this morning to try and put this together while the dh is away doing the grocery shopping (yeah, I know, it's weird but he likes to go do it, and he spends way less money than I do, so it works for us!). I have started the Hemlock Ring doily/blanket that Jared has made so infamous. See his blog here: Brooklyn Tweed

Is that gorgeous or what? There is also a KAL for this on Yahoogroups, and if you need that link let me know, as I am being lazy here. So, anyway, I didn't want to buy more yarn (as I have closets full of it) and so I am using up the leftover Malabrigio from the B4 Bag, which of course I don't have enough of so this I am using three colors for this and I hope it will look ok in the end - Here it is in progress:

Center Flower:

And this is where you start the feather and fan portion of the blanket, and so, I started my second color here - this is a burnt gold, and after the burnt gold I plan to use a forest green of sorts, the gold and green really really go well together, but do you all like this?

Well, you know, if it's truly ugly in the end, I will just keep it for ourselves and not really let it out of the house. Who doesn't have some "fugly" at their house somewhere right?

I also got my heel turned on the Yogo Socks yesterday:

and I'm on my way to the toe - maybe during football this afternoon I will get there!

And here as a final note is painted desert after washing:

Definitely looks dull after all this brightness, but I still think it will work in the fairisle I have planned. Oh, and are you noticing that I finally have the pixal thing worked out, so the photo doesn't overwhelm you when you click on it??!! Hmmmn? Ok, so hope you all have a good week!


fleegle said...

Your flower is magnificent! That read is just delicious!

I am sorry, but the Black Widow Spider King is my own pattern, adapted from several others. There is no commercial pattern availablr and I sure won't bee writing it up any time soon.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

I saw the Hemlock Ring thingy the other day when I was looking at the Tomten, which I am making for Aaron, he loved it. I think I'm going to have to get in on that KAL for the Hemlock. How gorgeous. In the long run you might be surprised out gorgeous your's turns out. Painted Desert is still beautiful and is going to make a gorgeous Fair Isle. Love the sock too!!!!! Yeah, I think UofL doesn't have a real "homey" feel to it. Just my opinion though.

fleegle said...

Those swatches on my blog are anything but lovely, but thank you anyway!

fleegle said...

I actually just sold the pattern to someone...Harry hated it and I knew that I would never knit it in a million years.

Melanie said...

Painted Desert is lovely!