Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Little Progress on Helmlock

I've seen this lap robe done in several different weights of yarn and in a huge arrangement of colors, they are all just lovely! I have made a little progress on mine, I have finished ball two of the throw, and today I plan to wind up the third and final color.

This is the best color representation that I could get, it's crazy what a little bit of shadow will do to your color!! Look:

That is not acurate at all! I mean - yuck! I have a little better color sense than that! I actually found all the Malabrigo tags and the colors being use are: Amoroso, (Reds) Rhodesian (the golds) and Autumn Forest for the greens. I have purchased another skein of the Autumn Forest, as I am sure I don't have enough with just one skein. Here it is in progress:

I have also been working on stitch markers and the color yellow was requested. Did I have any yellow? Well, no. So, I bought a few beads and drops and jump rings. Tell me what you honestly think about these, I personally am not too sure.

I like a maker to simply mark the next repeat, one jump ring and one bead,

others like to make jewelry out of them, so just let me know your thoughts on this. And I made this row marker quite a while ago, but while I am asking opinons, tell me your thoughts on this too!!Knit Picks wooden needles arrived too, I am hoping to try them out with the Icelandic Lace Shawl. I ordered some laceweight mohair from Japan, and it took so long to get here, (pictures of that next week) that I ordered the yarn pack from Sarah at Sarah's Yarn's (only $25 including postage, how can I refuse?) Even if I do have a mountain of fingering weight yarn:

I guess there are a few worsted weights in there too. Our local knitting group will be working on EZ's Totem Jacket as a group this Fall and Winter, and those patterns came in as well. So, we should all be learning some new things very soon!


Vicki said...

About the stitch markers, they're nice, maybe not quite so many things hanging on each one. And, since I like to knit with small size needles, I tend to prefer ones that use smaller mm jump rings.

Have fun with the Tomten! The little one I made for my great-nephew was very enjoyable.

Marmee said...

I love your knitting jewelry. So fancy!!
Yarn is such a mood elevator, isn't it?
Knit on and through all crisis!!

Ashley said...

Your Hemlock Ring Blanket is coming along very nicely so far! Brooklyn Tweed would be proud ;) Your stitch markers are works of art, as usual...Your yarn stash looks delightful, I love going through mountains of yarn! Don't you just adore the wooden Knit Picks needles? They're gorgeous!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

I jst got the yarn for the Hemlock, I'm making it for Sara & Matthew as a wedding present, if not done by then, then for a Christmas present. :) I love yours. The stitch markers are gorgeous. You always do the best work on anything you do!!!!!

Romi said...

Wow! Vibrant colors!

vanessa said...

very cool hemlock!

Fancy Pants said...

So pretty! I'm in the Hemlock KAL and haven't started mine yet but I was thinking about using Malabrigo (I have some in my stash that I've been dying to use!) but I wasn't sure it would look right until I saw your blanket. The other photo you have of the center (earlier post) is more true to the actual color and, with that in mind, you DO have beautiful taste in colors. Your Hemlock is going to be so pretty, very autumnal. I like you little stitch markers. Do you ever have problems with the jump rings snagging your yarn?

YarnSnob said...

very pretty, i am now tempted to use my malabrigo