Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dyeing Can be Quite Trying!

Hey guys!! Well, here it is a week later and can you believe that we finally got a couple of rain showers here! Wow, who knew that the weather was such an event in Franklin, KY? The temperatures have come down (yeah, to the 80's and 90's) and we are enjoying huge reductions in humidity so all is well again. We are still in drought conditions, but we have a little hope now!

Caryn has made her choice in the naming of this dyed wool and yarn. She chose Peggy's entry of Painted Desert. So, Peggy, the next time you come to knitting night at B&N I will have the yarn waiting for you! On this same vein, I have to show you all what a cool thing my sister in law, Carol sent to me:I was so darned impressed with this that I am going to send Carol the other skein of the Denim sock yarn! As you all know, I am a bit impaired when it comes to my photos and this combination just knocked my socks off!

Ok, so I got a lot of Painted Desert spun up and then I started to ply:

I think I am partial to these colors - what do you think? lol! Here is some on the Jumbo Bobbin:
After completion, I wound it up on the yarn skeiner, and this showed me that I got 346.5 yards out of this run,
but it also showed me that I had extra dye in the skein - Damn it!
I sort of tension the yarn coming off the bobbin as it goes onto the skeiner, which is how the extra came off like this. But, this skein is the most perfectly balanced skein I have ever made (doesn't that just figure).

so, I was in quite a quandary, what do I do now? Well, I don't want to go to all the work and have it run in a sweater, so I am washing the wool again. . . and again until it doesn't run any longer. Here is the skein pre-washed and a bit fuzzy with Georgia:

If I get to it, I will try to put up the skein after the wash later! What a drag! I have ordered some citric acid powder and some retayne to try to avoid this issue in the future. I just hope enough of the dye will remain to make this a fight worth fighting!


Gammy aka Peggy said...

I won!!!! I really won!!!! How awesome!!! Thanks. IF I ever get back to B&N knitting, that is truly the question. I doubt that I will be there this week, Tuesday I have to go up home and take Nanny to the dr again. It has been about a twice a week thing. I'm pooped. Now on to that yarn. Man, that is some beautiful stuff!!!! I love it. Your fingers were a bit boring, they needed a little pepping up. :)

Melanie said...

Wow, June, Painted Desert is just gorgeous! The skein looks yummy.

Marmee said...

How delicious all your spinning looks!!
I bet you cant wait to get it off your hands and into your hands, LOL!

vanessa said...

painted desert is gorgeous!!!