Sunday, July 08, 2007

Two Skeins and One and a Half Socks Later -

Hi guys! Did you miss me? I did get a couple of notes from folks so I know some of you are reading (hi Carol and Peggy)!

Caryn and I made it back from the Northeast without a single problem, going out was fine too. I have to say though, that I will never, ever, ever fly through JFK again unless my life depends on it! What a freakin' zoo that place was: the intercoms were paging over each other, and it was packed full of people. We landed at 4:00 and I figured getting something to eat would be a good idea. Well, two cheese and tomato sandwiches and two cokes ran me $21.95! Good Grief!

So the trip was fine, and the weather was great too, almost cold to us the first night we stayed at the lake. The second two days they hit record high temps (90's in Fahrenheit scale) so, we were right at home! Here's a shot of the lake, it was shallow and hard to swim in, and don't ask about our canoe adventure!

We spent a great deal of time "chasing" the loons to try to get pictures. I think that the Loons make the whole experience of staying on a lake that much more special. They have a haunting call that at night seems to almost be eerie! They are unbelievable swimmers and can swim under water for ages, I am not good with distances, but believe me, they swim at least half a football field under water. This was the best shot I could get, they are fast buggers too!

Of course, we went to the beach too, Caryn even went underwater! We can't call it swimming because let me tell ya people it was cold water. I walked in, my feet immediately became numb, and then they simply hurt! In about as much time as it has taken me to write that sentence, so let me tell ya, Caryn is a brave, brave girl! This is a shot of Perkins Cove at one of the inlets at Ogunquit Beach:

What? You didn't think Caryn would let me take her picture did you?

Ok, on to knitting! Here is my progress on my Yogo Socks. Ms. Vicki, I know you were expecting to see two pairs of socks here, but with all the driving (almost 550 miles in six days) and all the family get together's, I didn't have a lot of free time! I tried what another designer called a "Semi" Partidge Heel on this, although I think in retrospect it is a bit too wide for me. These are really thick socks, so I am thinking they may become slipper socks, we'll see. . . bad shot, but great with the color! (Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wild Raspberry.)
And here is the heel:

Once we got back home, I've been finishing up some spinning:
Georgia is almost finished! This represents 692 yards and I have almost two full bobbins more to ply up! Yeah! This is coming out exactly the way I need it to, I love this stuff! I can not recommend Melissa at Skylines Farms enough! She's got her fleeces (what's left of them) up for sale right now. Talk to you all next week!


Peggy said...

I'm so glad you are back!!!! I've missed you so much. The pictures are awesome. I love the sock and the Partridge Heel is one of my new favorites. Wow, the yarn looks perfect!!!!

Melanie said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. I love the Loon's night call, it reminds me of happy childhood summers on the lake.

The handspun is just gorgeous! Two beautiful skeins.

Caryn deserves a medal - I know how cold that water is.

June said...

Thanks Peggy, I will have more to show and tell next week, when my sister's pictures get here! :)

June said...

Thanks Mel, you are sweet, I know you do so much better than I do! Go see Mel's spinning on "Knit Me", folks!

vanessa said...

ah, new england :-)
yummy handspun!

Marmee said...

What gorgeous socks!! Your knitting is so impressive, and now I have to add your handspun to that list. Well, at least I get to rub shoulders with you on