Sunday, July 29, 2007

My WIPS are Miscontrued!

Ahh, you all thought I only had the five items I listed as WIPS - Ha! These were simply the closest to me at the moment I was writing! Remember Hyrna? and I have Rosebud on the needles. . . and let's not forget Elektra,

and so many one socks it's not funny, and plans and plans and plans for other items. . .

How many of you do this? Oh! I must make that sweater, so I go off and buy the yarn and (sometimes) the needles and then I get the whole package home and it goes in the closet. Do you really want to know what's in the closet? Well, I say let's take a vote on that - one thing in there is the Mitered Mozart remember that sweater? Do you all really want more? And what is one to do with all these plans? I think perhaps it is time to stop buying and start knitting some of these up!

Do any of you out there still cross stitch? I have gads of stuff for that as well. And again this is counted cross stitch or counted needlepoint. Lots of silks and linens and canvases - if there is something specific you are looking for and have patience with me, I may have it. It would just take me some time to locate it in the bins and "the closet".

And spinning fiber - I have gobs of that too. . . and beads. . . so see? Lots of "stuff" in progress!!

Anyhoo - here is the B4 bag, I am up to my 3rd B- Beads! (Bumps, Bobbles, Beads and Buttons!) Now, many of you may already know this, but 6/0 beads just don't cut it on worsted weight yarn. So, all the lovely colors I showed you last week, didn't work with the size yarn I was knitting. So, Ellen, at EarthFaire was so patient with me and I acquired these 5/0 beads: ( and OMG did you see what she has on her front page?? See? This is what I mean, don'tcha just want that shawl????? "Love is a Many Mitered Thing")

So I made it to here on the B4 bag:

Do you like the beads? They really blend in, which isn't exactly what I was originally going for, but hey, at this point it will do. Below is it in total so far, now I am on the hunt for buttons! I guess this bag is a bit more work than I bargained for!

and a traffic jam to Franklin, TN means I made it to here on my Yogo Socks, (four more rows to the heel flap):

After a lovely meal at the Bonefish Grille, Chris and I stayed in Franklin for the night, on the way back we stopped by the Apple store (again) and I have finally ordered by iMac. Chris is confident that the smaller 17" model will fit on my restricted desk space. I do realize I could have gotten a Mac mini, or a laptop, but those options just didn't appeal to me, as I know I am not good with laptops and the mini just didn't cut it for me! Yes, I am spoiled.

I do know we will be purchasing another computer in one more year for Caryn as this is the "big" graduation present we give them. Bryan got a decked out PC too, however, now I think Miss Caryn wants an iMac too. Ok enough blabbing - hope you all have a good week! :)

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Gammy aka Peggy said...

I love that bag!!!!! The beads are be-you-ti-ful. I love the socks as well. Hmmmmmm, sounds like you really do have a lot OTN.