Saturday, July 14, 2007

Three Skeins of Georgia -

So, I have been spinning. . . bet you didn't know. . . I got a shipment from Wooly Wonka Fiber's as I am in Anne's Exotic Fiber Club. This shipment was for 4 oz. of the most white Cormo roving I have ever seen!! Since my wheel was in a prime spot for moving out bobbins, I started spinning some of it up:

I know, that's not a bobbin, but look at how white that roving is!! Ok, I have to admit, it's not my favorite to spin. It is very soft, yes, and it is very well prepared, but I still end up with itty bitty nups that do pick out, but drive me nutty. I don't think that soft fine wools can be prepared without these bugger's, which is why I sold a whole prepared fleece of Cormo from OVF. I just couldn't stand the nupps, and it feels like I have to practically watch every second or the fiber pulls away from me! I don't remember either of these problems with some hand dyed merino I started with on Tina, so maybe this is indicative of Cormo. I don't know, but here is my spinning so far:

So, the reason I was ready to start this is I had another full bobbin of Georgia ready to ply with it's mate on the Lazy Kate. So, this afternoon, I plied, and plied, and plied:

It's major hot here in KY which is the reason for the half gallon drink sitting next to me! But anyway, I took a shot of my lazy kate after plying the two bobbins and, Ashley, just look how close I came to being perfect! Well, I don't usually get this close, this is pretty dad-gum close, I have to say myself!

So, this resulted in 291 wraps on a 1.5 yard skein winder:

Which equates to 432 yards approximately:

And this is all the roving I have left to do of Georga:

Which I am now trying to decide to either spin the whole thing on a bobbin and center ball ply or try to even it out on two bobbins and ply 'em up like I did today. . . my luck is not so great with the center pull ball, but I hate to waste any of these singles either! Decisions, decisions!


Ashley said...

June! You are the goddess of bobbin equality! I will see if any of that magic can rub off on me this Tuesday...maybe if I sit close enough to you :) Your spinning looks wonderful! I think that what I could see of the white turned out really well, although I do know what you mean about all those little nobby things you have to pick out. Who wants to do that?! The picture of all that plied yarn on your skein winder just sings! It's a work of art in itself :) You WILL be bringing some to B&N for show-and-tell right?

Marmee said...

Okay, way jealous here!! We all bow down to your spinning I love your grey, it is so beautiful...The white looks really good on your bobbin...and yes, we all know about those horrid little nobbies...darn things...and you get so tired of picking them out!
I am so impressed with your equality, you reign supreme.....
Well, I am inspired and off to my little Lendrum to work on my white, which will not stay white long after being plied!!

vanessa said...

yummy spinning!
and the wood of your jensen kate is lovely :-)

Peggy said...

That IS the whitest roving I think I have ever seen. Looks beautiful. And wow, Georgia is almost gone. Looks great. So, what is the deal? You "only post on Sundays" and here it is, you posted on Saturday. You are making me nervous.

Bogie said...

How'd you get those bobbins so even?! The yarn looks lovely. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about MS3 Clue 3.

Anne said...

Jeez! Just look at how productive you are!! Way to go with all that great spinning!

Fiberjoy said...

I've experienced the nubs with cormo too. I prefer smooth yarns though I've been off and on spinning some charollais with bits of silk.

Love your skein winder!

Melanie said...

Your Cormo is incredibly white. I feel your nep pain. I'm spinning some Cormo that I combed myself, and it still has neps, and I hate picking them out.

Your grey yarn is gorgeous. Does the jumbo bobbin make it harder to treadle as it fill up?

Plying from a centre pull ball works for me if I leave the singles to rest for a week before plying. I just have to be sure to overply slightly to compensate for the bit of relaxation in the singles.