Sunday, May 27, 2007

Up to my Eyeballs in Wool!

Does this happen to you too? Every Spring, I just can't resist all those lovely fleeces that are for sale out there. This year I have discovered how much more I like processing the medium wools compared to the fine wools. So, at the present time I am working on the corriedale/romney cross:

And a Lincoln and Mohair Top Blend, I've never blended before, so this is an experiment. I am blending on combs, which makes me want a hackle, but man! are they ever expensive!
And yesterday I started washing a Border Leicester fleece from a ewe named Snowberry:

Don't you just want to stick your fingers in that??? I asked this same question to my son, Bryan, as I was walking past his room with an arm full of this washed fleece, and I just simply can't believe his answer. "Umm, No." OMG ! Is it just me?

I tried a different method of washing this time, I used Shakley BasicH and mesh bags, actually I just tried the one bag to see how this would go. Two good soaks and one rinse and this is the result. Then every time I passed the fleece drying on the rack I flicked out a couple of locks, it's much easier when the fleece is still damp. I think I need to invest in one sheep of each breed, one Romney and one Border Leicester and then I would be set for life.

I would put them here:

So all this fencing was done by Mr. Fix It, but I helped with all the tencel wire on the back and one side. 'Course then I got bit by a spider or something and ended up at the Dr's office. But, it's all done now, and next week I can show you this same picture with Caryn's horse Blazer in it!

Jay Walkers are not in second sock syndrome:

And the Foot shot:

I tried something different with my pictures this week, so please let me know if you like the new way (smaller sizes) or the old way of my shots. So that's about it around here, I hope you are all having a safe and memorable Memorial Day Weekend. No matter what your views, say a prayer for the troops out there!


Peggy said...

Fiber looks great!!!! Wish I would developt your love for processing fleece. Then I could get that Romney Cross and the Border Leicester finished, or actually started beyond washing and drying. Yes, you do need a couple fiber animals out there. Glad to hear the spider (whatever) bite is going away. Sock look great!! Wish I could say the same. Tell you about it later.

Melanie said...

Yum fibers and the Jaywalkers look great!

vanessa said...

how could you resist anything named snowberry!!