Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Sun Is Shinning - Oh Happy Day!

So, ok, I guess we don't have to go nearly as long as some folks to see the sun around here! It surely makes me a happy camper. Look I even took pictures as evidence:

I have been busy with working on the fiber I got on E-bay from FraydKnot, and now that the sun is shining I can show a good picture of the bobbin, actually this is bobbin number two, bobbin number one is patiently waiting to be plied with this one:

I think it is a fabulous color and I can't wait to get a full skein made up! I have also been working on my Elektra Vest:

See how sometimes it looks like the stitches are biasing to the right?? I am so hoping this is not going to be the case when I take it off the needles. I am planning on five inches in this ribbing then my cables (haven't decided if they will encompass the whole diameter or just the middle back yet, I guess I better decide pretty darn quick!) I am loving the color on this too, and although I am working haphazardly from two balls of yarn, the colors seem to be striping somewhat. It still looks pretty good though:
Then of course, I had this fabulous shot of Caryn yesterday, although, it royally makes me mad that all my really good pictures have some sort of garbage in the background, like the vacume's cleaner cord on the floor - Anyway, there is Caryn and Jake! We so love this dog!


vanessa said...

june, i'm sure the doggie is even happier that he found you!

Melanie said...

The Elektra vest looks great. I like the subtle striping. Caryn is a cutie and Jake is one handsome dude. They both look very happy.

Angela said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)