Sunday, February 11, 2007

Miracles Never Cease -

I actually finished the Big Black Socks! Holy cow these are some big honking socks!

I tried to make them look pretty, somewhat, and the Heart pillow is just a bonus for Valentines Day coming up. I gave that to my daughter a couple of years ago, somehow she has taken over the whole couch, pillows, blankets (I almost posted these with Capt'n Jack Sparrow's eyes looking at you), stuffed animals - books, you name it! We fuss at her occasionally to get it together, but it always slides back. So, now that I've finished these I feel like I can actually start something else!

So, I'm trying to make the Kai Sweater out of Simply Shetland 2:
I don't think I've seen a good picture of this sweater anywhere yet! But, you know the motifs are the exact duplicates of the Gerda sweater in the same book. Personally, I think that's cheating, but hey, who am I? Here are the yarns, perhaps the photo gives the picture some clarity.

But you know, I can't ever do things as they are, I am going to cardiganize the sweater - I hope! The one item I am trying to come to terms with is the one extra stitch that is added to the back in order to make the pattern "exactly symmetrical at each side of the button bands." Huh? Ok, so I get the part about dividing your back stitches by the repeat of the motif, and then counting back by the remainder to line up the center back motif, but what about that stinking extra stitch? Does it just fall into place at the end of the row? That's what I am assuming for the moment, but if any of you have any other thoughts, please let me know!

I had the pleasure of showing a fellow knitter and want-to-be spinner how to spin this weekend. That is not really fair, as I think she (hi Peggy!) knows how to spin, she just unfortunately has a very old antiquated wheel, that was sold as refurbished on E-bay but really was not. Considering that she has done fabulously with the materials she had to work with!!

Oh! And one more thing: this guy showed up for lunch at our bird feeder last Sunday! Good grief that was more than I could handle! I hope you can see him (and the blood on the tree branch?) There have been no repeat visits, Thank God.


Denise said...

We have a Cooper's Hawk that is a fairly regular visitor to my bird feeding station in the backyard. He usually leaves empty taloned but gets lucky every once in awhile. I wouldn't mind quite so much if he didn't insist on enjoying his luncheon on the spot! My husband just says we have an equal-opportunity bird feeder...

Melanie said...

Black socks, you are a brave woman! Scary looking bird.

Doug said...

Hurrah! The Black Socks are done! I can't wait to see how Kai comes along, the colours look beautiful.

Angela said...

Oops - I can't believe I just commented as Doug (The Flame). Sorry.