Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow is Forcasted this Sunday -

Gray again. Blah. So, does that make three or four Sunday's in a row?? I've lost count -

Finished up that Stupid Hat! I think this is about the ugliest thing I have ever made. I would be embarrassed for dh to wear this in public! He's a keeper though, because he insists on wearing it due to the fact that I think I have permanently damaged my left hand making this stupid, stupid hat! I know now that I can knit on size 0000 needles, but give me size 11's and I just can't do it! So, no more bulky knitting for me. I should have probably known better, somehow?!

Here is the Blue Jean Lady that I purchased from Frayd Knot on E-bay. She does give a price break if purchasing in bigger quantities. I think this batt looks about as good as some others I have seen on Etsy or E-bay that sell for lots of money per ounce. The yarn is in no way coming out to a smooth yarn, but it is definitely pretty. I am seriously hoping that two pounds will yield enough yarn for a 42" sweater!

Ok, so I guess I have wasted enough time this morning, and it's off to the bicycle for me - how's everyone doing with their New Year's Resolutions?? I'm still working on mine, I might not be going strong, but I'm still going! I've been losing a few pounds and maybe an inch or so - Wahoo for me! Although, I have to say that last night's birthday party for a friend seriously did some damage!

See ya'll next week!

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