Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Sunday, that means it's raining again!

I wonder how many Sunday's in a row we can go with it raining outside. This is definitely not good for my mood. I think I am one of those people, who have one of those disorders with all the initials, in that I get really depressed when the sun doesn't shine. I think Jimmy Buffet wrote about "Cabin Fever and shooting six holes in his freezer", I used to understand this when I lived in Maine and then Michigan and the snow was shutting us in. Now, it's the rain. . .

Anyway, this all leads to the fact that a lot of knitting was not done this week, due to 16" needles are most definitely not my friend. My hand was killing me!! I am trying to make a hat for Chris, but haven't gotten very far, as I just can not use that small of a circumference to knit on. So, I go out and buy 32" needles to use the magic loop method, and look at this:

Well, that big chunky yarn ate up all the room on the cable! So, it's been a challenge, making this silly hat! Maybe I'll get through it and have one finished object to show next week!

I've been pondering which doily to make next and to tell the truth I really, really want to make this one:
But do you think it's included in the publication of this leaflet?? Not as far as I can tell, anyway. It says it is on page eight and gives the item numbers of the chart, but the photo on page eight is not this doily. Anyone out there have any ideas? This is the full publication:

So, if any of you out there have this and can read German I would be so appreciative!

Then on the other side of the coin, I have been spinning:

I am not doing a fabulous job at keeping the bobbin nice and even, but the spinning has been fun. I am still learning this wheel, and I have decided she is my best wheel! The Rose has so much take up that I almost have zero tension on the brake band. . . I just don't really know what to do about it. I am almost ready to sell her and all her accessories because of it!

Hope you all have a good week, please be assured that I read all your posts, I am just too dang busy to always have time to write you individually! Keep on talking to me though!


Snooze said...

Should you ever actually decide to sell of the Rose, I might know of a buyer for it. I love my Rose but I have friends who feel as you do, that there are easier wheels to spin on.

Just sayin'

vanessa said...

you could send a little rain down to us ;-)
i'm sooo glad you like you tina!

Jane said...

My sister also bought a Rose and I think it's a little difficult for her as well. She's a beginning spinner so I'm encouraging her to use our Lendrum instead. It's way easier to use for a starter wheel. I don't think that's your problem though. It just might not suit you in style. My favorite is my trusty single treadle Schacht. It's a beautiful steadfast wheel. I don't know if you have other wheels but if you don't, you might consider the Schacht.

Denise said...

See? We knew you'd love the Tina!

That doily is amazing. I hope you find the pattern.

Angela said...

Hi June, I'm glad you're having a good time with Tina :) I have a feeling that is a Niebling doily. There is a new Neibling list on yahoogroups that may be able to tell you where the instructions are.