Sunday, May 28, 2006

Long Weekends

Long Weekends are just The BEST!!

I am so lucky, the plant shut down on Friday and Monday for an extra long Memorial Day weekend! Ya hoo! So, what have I been doing with all my extra time?? Well, hmmh, lets see: on Friday I slept, yup that’s it folks slept! From 10 PM Thursday evening until 11:00 Friday morning, then went back to bed at 1:00 and slept till 3:30. You would think I would have had problems sleeping Friday night, but no, I slept straight through 10PM (Fri) to 7AM Saturday. Well, I guess that’s what MS can do to ya sometimes. At least for me. . .

If you have the inclination, please give to Claudia's Ride

But the weekend before this my little group of knitter’s went on a Knitter’s Retreat to Knobs Haven House in Loretto, KY at a catholic convent. It’s basically a retirement home for nuns, but we stay in the “big house” and party and knit or spin till we can’t no more then sleep a little and do it all again the next day! Lots of fun to be had with all my knit buds. We didn’t even get lost going there this year! (Or coming home either!)

So, back to this weekend, (Yeah, I’m pretty disjointed today) I finished my DFS scarf last weekend and hung it on the drying rack, and decided it was way too small, so I am now into repeat #7 and hopefully, will get 8 repeats out of Lisa’s Sky Drama.

I have also been beading, but have no pictures to show you. I have valiantly been trying to make Beyond Chain from Bead and Button, but it’s not coming along very well. I personally think they used bigger rings than I did! Such a bummer, so, I am trying to figure out what to do about that.

And then I am still spinning Elektra –Can you even believe how huge those arms are? Good God!

Enough for one weekend don’t you think?


melanie said...

Your DFS is looking cheerful and vibrant - just gorgeous. Do you get to keep it, or does it have someone else's name on it?

melanie said...
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June said...

It may have my Mom's name on it, however, I do plan on a scarf by Jackie E. for her as well!


CarolineF said...

I love that picture, with the flyer and wheel all blurred.

June said...

I am sure that was definately a mistake, since my daughter took the picture, but thanks!!