Sunday, June 04, 2006

Anniversary: meaning returning yearly: this is #23

Chris and I are one of the fortunate ones, we return to this date year, after year and celebrate our lives together. I couldn’t have asked for a more compatible person to live, love and literally bond with, and that bond relates to everything we are: our kids, our home, our jobs, and our separate interests. So, after all that sappiness, I say Happy Anniversary, to Us!

I think I said somewhere, that when I get stressed out I tend to spend money, and lots of money it seems! I have recently been working toward the year end audit at work, and that entailed employing an outside firm to get out tax provisions corrected, and a business valuation prepared, plus getting all the accounts reconciled for the three gentlemen coming in to do our internal audit. Did I tell you, that I work for a US based Japanese company and the auditors were all Japanese and spoke no English?? Well, I was really stressed, but lived through it all and we did fabulously (Thank – you, Karen for all your help!!) . I am so relieved!

I thought I would show you some of the yarn I purchased from Lisa's and what I am hoping to do with it. I had originally intended to make Ella from this yarn, but after receiving it and just wowing about the color I think now I am going to make this instead: I have to check guage first of course, but I am hoping the yarn is stout enough to make the twisted stitches pop, and who knows? Maybe next week, I’ll have a swatch to show you!! (With safety in mind, I hope you won’t hold your breath!)
Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I am on the last repeat on DFS, #8, I am not entirely sure I will make it to the end, so I may stop half way and start the i-cord bind off. I would hate to run out of yarn!

The other item on the plate lately has been beads, and jewelry making, well, all I have to show for it is some stitch marker’s I have made for a friend (Hi, Diane!) I hope she likes them!

Till next week, then –


Vicki said...

Happy Anniversary, June! Very pretty stitch markers and a treat of Lisa S yarn sounds well deserved.

melanie said...

Happy anniversary to you and Chris! I'm glad your audit is over, they're so stressful. The stitch markers are cute!

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Happy Anniversary June. May you have 23 more:-)

Samsara said...

Happy anniversary, June! The markers are so beautiful, and good choice on the yarn - love that color. :-) Beadwork is on my list, too. DFS is looking quite lovely, as well.

Angela said...

Happy belated Anniversary! Beadwork would be stunning in that yarn!