Sunday, January 15, 2006

One of my Pet Peeves

You know, I have a few pet peeves. One being if you say your going to do or state that you will do something, then you should in good faith do it! Let’s take an example, shall we? I have been given this wonderful gift of a digital camera for my birthday (last year) and this November the darn thing just stopped working correctly. Why? Well, hell if I know! I don’t abuse it, and I am very careful with it, so your guess is as good as mine. So, I take it and send it off to be repaired (still under warranty) and they take their time fixing it, so two months later, I receive my camera back, oh boy! I’ve used it all of two weeks and it is not working again, the exact same thing. . . so I call Fuji and they say they will send me a Fed –Ex postage paid label, well that’s cool I think. But, did I get it? NO, of course not. Any ya know the birthday is coming up here pretty soon (again!) and the warranty will expire, so I’m sending it off again myself tomorrow to hopefully, get it fixed again. (Do you think they will replace it? No, I don’t either, darn it all.) I would like to pitch it, but it was a gift and it was expensive, so what else can I do!

Ok, enough, I have a few pictures in reserve, here is Elekta roving pulled straight off the roll:

Here is the same roving pre-drafted:

And being plied:

I really love this fiber, although I am having a lot of purple dye come off when I set the twist. I need to contact Ms. Lisa about it, as I have tried to set the dye with vinegar, but I am not having a lot of success.

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melanie said...

May the warranty battles go smoothly and your problems be resolved quickly, because I want to see that gorgeous Elektra all spun up!