Sunday, January 08, 2006

Are we back to normal yet?

I think things here have finally settled down from the holidays and my daughter’s sweet 16th birthday party on Friday night that moved into Saturday morning! It all started with me taking an hour off work, driving a half hour home, picking up the girls, driving a half hour back to the town I came from, and feeding and sending three teenage girls off to the movies! Oh, but then I drove the half hour back home, again! Dh, Chris got to then drive the half hour out and back again after the movie ended (King Kong, a three hour deal, or we would have stayed in Bowling Green!) I think we spent three hours on the road instead, so, I’m not sure if this truly worked out in our benefit or not. Saturday, we spent the morning shuffling the girls back home, and then driving the hour to Brentwood, TN to bring the birthday girl to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Sure, that worked out, at 4:45 in the afternoon, the wait was 1hour and 45 minutes! Good Grief! So, we went to Carraba’s instead, but back to the CF for dessert, which took a half hour to just buy that! Then we drove the hour it took to get home. All I can say is sometimes it’s a bitch living in the country!

Chris has just now gotten on the road with Bryan bring him back to school. Poor Bryan, had a rough first semester, and I’m not too sure how enthusiastic he is about going back right now. However, we are supporting him in everyway that we can from the sidelines and hoping he will see that if he is struggling so much in Calculus why would he want to continue on this path?
Anyway, with all this and going back to work, the fiber front has suffered from neglect! Here is my progress on Arches, a sweater that I am working on with Mel, (I think!). I plan to get back to it this afternoon, the arches are so fast, I should finish the back this afternoon.

The second photo is more true in color, but I liked the first one too! So take care all of you out there!


melanie said...

Oooh, Arches is looking very nice indeed! Yes, I'm still working on Arches but there have been some distractions :-) I'm not quite as far along as you.

CarolineF said...

Are you using cotton fleece? I like it in white. Did you raise the start of the lace? Sam is working on it too, in red.

June said...

Hi Caroline,

This is actually a light blue in cotton fleece called Nymph. I didn't raise the back, but I plan to raise the front by two repeats. I may change my mind after seeing it's not symmetrical, but I'll have to see it first!