Sunday, January 22, 2006

Don't 'cha just love RED!?

Your Aura is Red

Your Personality: Self-confident and stunning, you live in the now! You love life and experience all it has to offer.

You in Love: You're a bit private and have trouble opening up. You need a secure guy who can deal with your independence.

Your Career: Your ideal job gives you a ton of control and concrete results. Consider being a chef, surgeon, or architect.
Ok, so this is my aura. . . how very cool is that? Only wish I could look like that picture - ha! I do love the color red, and blues and greens. It makes me wonder what everyone else's aura is -
I've completely stalled on my Arches project, and I have to say it is because I hate the arches. So, I am working on replacing the arches with a stitch called telescope lattice. It's pretty and has the same arch type shape of sorts, so it should work -
The other project I am coveting right now is the CIT (Crossed in Translation) sweater. You can see it here: I have the book and I need to do this one, besides all of that I work for a Japanese company and we have a translator! So, there is no reason I couldn't get this one going (erhm, except for the bazillion wips I have going!)

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melanie said...

OMG, I bit the bullet and ordered the book for Crossed in Translation last week! Now I'm off to see what colour my aura is.

How is the camera war going?