Sunday, October 30, 2005

The days are getting shorter . . .did you turn your clock back?

We took a ride into parts of Bowling Green that I had never been to before, and the colors are beautiful, but difficult to capture on my camera due to the fact I have a husband that will never stop the bleepin' car! So, instead here are pictures of the pumpkin patch at Jackson's Orchard in BG:
I love Fall and all the colors, I can remember oh so long ago, when the kids had to have pumpkins to carve every Halloween. My daughter did not disappoint us and we will be carving up a pumpkin tonight. She chose from this wall:

On the knitting front, I have only 5 inches left on the sleeve and only 83 stitches at this point, so I plan to show you the finished sleeve and start of sleeve number two next week. But I don't want to disappoint so, here is a sock in Cascade Fixation, and I got sick of the purple so added some stripes myself. I wish the bulls-eye toe was a little smaller, but oh well. The second sock is in the beginning stages (turning the heel now.)

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