Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cutting Up The Cardigan Pt. 2

Hi everybody! I have been working on the Winter Sunset Cardigan, and finally have some progress to show you. This entire sweater needed to be sized down to a 42" width, and that has made some slow progress at times, besides the size two needles. . .Maybe I will actually be able to get more than one photo on this page, wouldn't that be a miracle! Anyway here is the "Sack" After the shoulder bind off.

The next step was to sew with a sewing machine (OMG!) the steeks, this really wasn't a problem, until my bobbin ran out of thread. Then it took a half hour to find the instructions on how to fill the bobbin up again! Good Grief!

Ok, so now I have a sewn steek, now is the time to cut the sweater. I decided to leave all the other steeks sewn and just cut one at a time. This leaves less chance of unraveling, although I am using Jamieson's 2 ply shetland yarn, which does have a lot of "grab" to it. The yarn just seems to want to stick together, but I was not about to try cutting without the sewing first! It took me at least an hour to find a size 3.0 mm needle! Tthen I could only fine one, darn it, I like to use two and make up my sleeves just like socks on two circulars, I haven't quite figured out what to do when I don't have enough stitches to go around, but here is the start of a sleeve! Yeah! Almost done with one!


Lisa S said...

Oh, it must be steek day in the Universe...I machine stitched, cut and secured mine today. Spooky!

melanie said...

Looking good, June!