Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spinning up a Storm!

You know, this week I finished up the purple Romney! Actually, I finished it up last Sunday, but after my post so, here it is now:
The color goes pretty well with the Goblin Eyes, I think I have decided to start a free form couch throw and what ever I am not too sure about will go into it -I am kinda anal tho, and it will all have to match somewhat. I'm not that creative as you can see from the new quiz in the sidebar. It must be the accountant in me!

Here is the skein itself, I still plan to overdye with some black. I am planning a mental health day on Monday so I will try it then I think. Work has been a bitch lately, and I really need a few hours (days, weeks, months) to myself. I'm sick and tired of working for people who say they don't understand the language, or say they don't understand accounting. WTF? How did you get to be the COO then? Stupid man. I'm still dreaming of that yarn shop, when and if we ever find out about Caryn's scholarships for this upcoming year, then I will know what to do.

I got a deal on Spin Sales this week too, lookey, lookey! Well, maybe it wasn't the deal of the century, but I'm happy with it! As you probably know, Rick Reeves no longer makes any wheels. This frame wheel took me a few nights to get together and then a day to get my treadling down. It's really different from the other wheels I have, because it's a single treadle? I'm not entirely sure if that is the reason, or if RR made it function this way - heel toe, heel toe and a really, really short draw up distance!!

But, I am getting it and this is the result so far:

That picture is kinda dark, the color is a rich red coral by fiber monster on It practically spins itself! It shows up better in the picture above. I think maybe it will go with the goblin and purple I've got going -hmmmn? Have to think about that. . .

Have a good week everyone - I know I won't due to the work factor - auditor's plus month end. Yah, that works doesn't it? Insert Expletive here: "!"


fleegle said...

That purple is just gorgeous!

And thank you for the compliments on my afghan!

Melanie said...

Great score with the wheel, June, it's a real beauty! You seem to be bonding wit it nicely; the coral singles are very pretty. I love the purple.

I completely sympathize with your year-end/month-end/audit woes. Such is life as an accountant, eh?