Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birthdays, Kai Progress, and Football!

You know, we all have to have 'um. Yup another birthday for me this past Friday. . . but, it was great! Went to lunch with the work buds, and got presents from a special work bud, thanks Karen! Looky what Karen did just for me:

Please ignore the shopping list, Karen had absolutely nothin' to do with that! Good Grief! Anyway, isn't that bag simply awesome and I plan to make either stitch markers or just add to my key ring with those great charms!

Caryn, my dd, got me a journal and my favorite movie! Yeah, I'm just a kid at heart -

And Chris got me this great work station so I can use my combs and drum carder any darn time I want to! It folds up flat and it will hold up to 450 pounds! Pretty cool huh?

We had Coldstone Creamery cake and we went to The Bistro for dinner last night, so all in all it was really great. I heard from everyone, and that is what really does it for me, it's not the presents and food it's just that the people I love remember me on my special day.

Ok, enough and on to knitting! Here is the progress on Kai, here is a close up of a three needle bind off on one shoulder, I have, of course, done both shoulders!

After doing this you end up with a sack:

Look at that front steek! Holy crap all those ends! But you don't have to weave them in unless you want to! They will just be rolled up in the front edging if you feel lazy, and besides that, I always machine stitch my cut steeks and a lot of them get sewn down to boot. So, after all that it's time to cut, and I only cut what I am working on, so just one at a time, here is an armhole after cutting and sewing an armhole steek:

Looks pretty ugly doesn't it?

Well here it is with stitches:

It calls for 160 stitches, but I am thinkin' that's a lot! I need to look up my sunset cardigan and see what it called for and reconfigure for this pattern.

Ahh, football knitting! I know the Pats will win, but I always root for the underdog, so Go Giants!, just make it a good game!


Gammy aka Peggy said...

I can't see any pictures. :( But, happy b-day!!! Giants won!!!!! Yeah!!!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Great presents!!! Kai is just gorgeous!!!!! Steeks? eeeekkkk!!!! Pictures are fine.

Melanie said...

Kai looks wonderful, and you're in the home stretch now. Go, June, go!

CarolineF said...

Happy birthday!