Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beginnings, Middles, and Ends -

Yeah, but I am going to start with the ends first - or in other words Finished Objects! Holy Cow! This is June typing here. . . anyway I got a couple of things finished, not big things, but every knitted object counts, right?!

Here we have two pairs of Fetching's - I was mistakenly calling them Knucks, which is another pattern all together -Doh! to me.

I really, really like this pattern, it's a really fast knit (one in an afternoon) but, I think the first pair, the red ones, are quite short. Which is good for typing and working, but for reading or just hanging out as my Mom does I thought they would be too short. So it was a ripping party again at chez June's . I added more rows after the knuckle cable (6 all together) then another cable and four more rows to bring them up to the first knuckle on your (Caryn's) hand. Caryn and Mom have approximately same hand. Here is another shot, using our hands as models. I'm sure you know, but my hands are the short stubby fingers and Caryn has the nice long fingers here!
Now we come to the middle, and everybody scream with me!

Dang it! One inch forward and three inches back is the way this sweater goes:
Can we all say rip?! This is the way I put in lifelines I guess. . . I use a much, much, much smaller needle then rip away:

And now you can see that yes, I did put it in straight on that row. The initial problem was that I was supposed to decrease on the neck edge and increase on the side edge. Well, I decreased on both as we were watching a movie, and I wasn't paying attention! Yah, simple stockinette, no problem. . . ?? You think? Ok, so I am now up to the armhole, but I got bored and wanted to start this before I have to go back to work tomorrow (gag me!):

Starting is the hardest part on these, don'tcha know! So, look at that center - see how big the circle is? It's huge! This one starts with a cast on of 24 stitches. It's crazy, but here it is:
Size 20 Manuella thread on size 2.0mm needles, up to row 9 - this is a Christmas present (or maybe birthday) for next year for my sister! I am debating on going down to 1.75 mm but, haven't decided yet. I'm thinking it looks ok, and I may just continue -

Hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day, can we say no more Turkey left at chez June's!? Yeah, three meals in a row and it's all gone! Well, I make Turkey pie for the last hurrah, and it's a great way to end it!


CarolineF said...

OK I think I can comment on your blog now. Let's see if this works...

Melanie said...

The wristers look great, particularly the handspun pair. Very pretty!

I'm going to enjoy watching the new doiley progress. I hope you take lots of pictures.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

I love the glovey thingys. I need a pair to sleep in!!!!! And one for my nose. Have you tried knitting with them on? Great idea for adding a lifeline. And that lace. How gorgeous. What are you knitting Spring Shawl Surprice with?

Vicki said...

Have you tried starting your doily's by using the one long circ method (aka magic loop)? It's not my favorite technique for something like socks, but it can work wonders when dealing with the small number of sts for the beginning rnds on circular pieces. Like Mel, I'm looking forward to watching the progress on it. What a lucky sister!! :)

Denise said...

Your fingerless mitts are adorable! (and of course *every* FO counts).

Sorry about the negative progress on the sweater. I can totally empathize with that.

For heaven's sake that doily 'yarn' is so fine it almost doesn't show up in the photo! I'll be looking forward to seeing the progress reports.