Sunday, October 07, 2007

My 100th Post! Let's Celebrate -

Wow, guys I noticed as I was logging in today that this is post #100! Can you believe that? Well, I guess it's not all that momentous or anything, but let's do something to celebrate! I will give away six stitch markers that will look something like this:

These are sterling silver rings and there will be two of each color, unless the winner wants all one color - now here's the question: What is my #1 favorite knitted object, or what is the one thing I like to knit above all others? And here's a hint: I love to knit these but I have given all of them away except for one. I will show it to you (again) next week.

I worked all day yesterday finishing this:

Sorry about the messy photo shot, but I'm kinda perturbed with it right now. You wouldn't believe how lonnnng this took me! from 10 am to 6pm with small breaks for my neck and lunch! Lookey at the pretty knitted lace edging:

I am hopeful it will block out correctly, and not be too small. This took five skeins of Malabrigo all together, so I am sure hoping it wasn't a wasted effort.

Next on the needles is this:
This is a freebie from Knittingdaily , called Charmed Wrap, that I am making for Caryn. Yes, I did type that right, it's for Caryn. She asked me originally for a heavily cabled knit out of an AS book for a bathrobe.

Well, I don't think she wants a full fledged bathrobe, as we looked at them in Dillards and not one was "right". So I presented her with this sweater and the answer was a resounding yes! The AS sweater would have taken me all winter plus as you will read below, I had misgivings about knitting it for her.

Now, on to the yarn choice. Well, let me tell ya, I have made her several things in the past and they never are worn more than once. Therefore, I was not shelling out the $ for another possible sit in the closet sweater, so I had her choose from Lion Brand yarns. This color (which I had a skein shot of that blogger will not let me upload. . .) is Delft Blue which I think will look fabulous on her! Well, that is if she wears it. . .


Melanie said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Congrats on the 100th post!!!!! The Hemlock looks like it will be beautiful. Mine turned out to be around 50" in diameter. I kinda wish I had made it bigger, but it is very pretty. Hmm, gosh, your favorite thing to knit. I think it is a toss of socks or fair isle, but I will settle on fair isle.

Ashley said...

June, congrats on your blog! It's always so fun to read and you are such a fun person :) Your hemlock looks great and I am so proud of you for finishing! I know how it is, that home stretch lasts forever sometimes. Now, as far as your little contest, I will guess socks. As long as I have known you, I have only seen the one pair of socks that you made for yourself, so I am crossing my fingers! :) Can't wait to see your hemlock- you bringing it Tuesday? See you soon!

Romi said...

Cool! Congrats on 100! :)

Marmee said...

I have to confess, I agree with Ashley on this one. I think you did a great job on your hemlock and it is so frustrating to spend so much time on a project sometimes! Your stitch markers get more and more beautiful each time I see them!
A sweater for Caryn, wow! Hang in there.

Hoc Age said...

Congratulation!!! Have been enjoying your blog for a while.

klcr2000 said...

Cool to the 100 posts!
So, it's probably not fair, since I've known you for so long, AND I sit beside you everyday at work, but I know that your favorite object(s) to knit is lace, maybe specifically doilies... (if I'm wrong you may pluck out my eyes, rip off my lips and forever cross me off your list of bosom beaus!)


June said...

thank you to all that have posted! it means a lot to me to see that people actually do read this endeavor of mine!