Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's all in the numbers. . .

This week the magic number was 24:

I understand that may not mean a lot to you right now, but let me clarify for you! See, as we have established in some of my previous posts, I really like knitting the challenge, like doilies and fair isle and arans! So, it feels like I have knit a mile on Caryn's Charm Wrap, when in actuality I have only knit 24 inches. . . that's, 1,182 feet, not even a quarter mile, but it's 1,182 feet of yarn, or 24 inches of almost exclusive stockinette!!

Lord! Help me! She wants this wrap to go just a little bit past her arse, so, it has felt like I have been knitting a long time just to reach her armpits! lol! I have two fronts and two arms to go! Well, who am I to complain? I normally only knit for myself as no one in my family wants a hand knit as they are all too warm blooded, so I will stop now. It has been rainy and gloomy here lately ( I am not complaining, just stating facts). So the pictures are hard to get the right colors, and here is Nitrous helping me measure, just to be sure I do it right. . .

Um, well, maybe he just wants to eat the tape measure! I literally had to beat him away from the board to measure this back, and I don't usually pin out to measure, however, since this is for someone other than myself, I want it to be right, so I am taking all precautions!

Ok, on to other items: I took Friday off with all kinds of plans to spin and knit all weekend, well, we all know what happens to plans, but I did try to spin up this roving I bought from a vendor on Etsy:

But what, what, what? Is this?

Well, it is full of that - you can put your own choice of words in here. So, it makes for slow spinning and a lot of this:

I am working to get enough yarn to make Knucks from Knitty. Here is the bobbin almost finished, I hope to complete the spinning today, and ply next weekend after it rests for a while.

The sun has finally come out and these are pretty close on the correct color - so I hope to so you some yarn next weekend!


Marmee said...

Looks like the vendor wanted you to spin a novelty yarn!! I love the fiber, good choice. The sweater is coming along so well, I am sure your daughter loves it!
Nitro is a hoot.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Caryn's sweater is turning out very nicely. Talking about all the stockinette, try working on a knee length adult tomten!!!!! At least it is all knit and no purl. You spinning is awesome as usual, I agree with RoLynn, I guess they had novelty yarn in mind. But it seems to me that you would ply that in. but what do I know.

Melanie said...

That Nitro is so cheeky! Caryn's sweater looks very nice so far despite the miles of mind-numbing stockinette. Your singles look nice too, despite the wrestling match with the added whatever it is.